Jimmy Fallon Asks People To Share What Laws The World Is Lacking, And Here Are 53 Responses

Law, morality, and common sense aren’t always one and the same. We all have our own personal insights into what society does wrong and there’s no denying that there should (probably) be some new laws to improve everyone’s lives.

Well, Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show, invited his followers to participate in the #ThereShouldBeALaw challenge. He asked them to tweet out their opinions about what new laws we should totally have.

We collected some of the very best responses, so scroll down, upvote the suggestions for new laws that you agree with, and remember to share them with your friends. If you have any ideas for laws yourselves, share your thoughts with everyone in the comments below.

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Bored Panda reached out to Abby Lampe, one of the people who responded to Jimmy Fallon and said that people who “can’t use the correct use of too, to, two, and your, you’re” should go to a mandatory workshop.

She believes that “a lot of people misuse homophones and although they may have been through the education system, they still have flawed grammar.”

“I see it all the time throughout social media and people texting,” Abby added.

“The law would be helpful for those who maybe were dropouts or didn’t take school very seriously. It would emphasize that grammar is important in today’s society and hopefully would allow them to understand the differences and how to use homophones correctly,” she explained why such a law would actually be useful.

Abby told Bored Panda that she’s a big fan of Jimmy’s: “I’ve been in the audience and I’ve had two tweets appear on his show. I’ve been a fan for about 7 years now.”


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Bored Panda also spoke with Jesser who explained how there should be a law against using the same knife for peanut butter and jelly when making a sandwich.

According to the Twitter user, their family inspired them to come up with this law and they hope that this new law would teach people better manners and etiquette.

Jesser revealed that they’re a fan of Jimmy’s as well. “I rarely watched The Tonight Show before Jimmy Fallon was the host. He’s fantastic!”


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A lot of the things that people tweeted about in response to Jimmy’s challenge have to do with common sense. And you’re probably sick and tired of hearing this, but it’s applicable here: common sense is not common.

According to Dr. Jim Taylor on Psychology Today, common sense is one of the most “revered” qualities in the United States. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are as down to earth and practical as we might expect.

Taylor explains that if common sense were common, most people wouldn’t make the silly mistakes that they do every single day of their lives. In his opinion, if people had common sense, they wouldn’t “buy stuff they can’t afford.”

What’s more, they “wouldn’t smoke cigarettes or eat junk food.” In Taylor’s view, common sense is limited by our personal experience which can lead to bad decisions. In other words, for common sense to be common, we all need more education and worldly experience.


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But what about morality not always being the same as the law? According to Dr. Eva Tsahuridu, the law “sets minimum standards of behavior while ethics set maximum standards.” That’s why something that’s legal doesn’t necessarily mean that we see it as acceptable or ‘good.’ It also works the other way, too: something that we consider to be ‘good’ doesn’t always become law. There’s an overlap between the two, sure, but they’re not one and the same.

However, that doesn’t mean that laws are useless. In fact, they’re vital for preserving civilization and allowing society to function. But it’s important to keep in mind that laws are very specific while morality is concerned with doing the right thing in life as a whole.


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