I've moved to the USA (Back to Scratch challenge)

    I've moved to the USA (Back to Scratch challenge)
    Steve Buzza talks about his new home and new challenge concept. Get your comments in. 
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    1. Hi Steve. Been a follower for a long time. Not sure if you are reading these old posts. But just in case… Liked the changes David Leadbetter made when you had your lesson. Not sure but think you have slipped back. Keep up the great work.

    2. Play more difficult courses with high stroke rating and slopes (135+). Helps lower your handicap. Old Corkscrew has a high slope nearby you. Play further up tees. Make sure you’re only counting your ESC scores (equitable strokes, max per hole). These all help USGA handicaps.

    3. Leave the driver in the bag for all but the most generous of fairways. Concentrate on keeping the ball in play and course management and use your power to your advantage and not to your detriment.

    4. Welcome to the US!! Balance is key right?! If your financials/school/work are in order you already made one great move getting to florida I'd think.

    5. Glad you are in the States. Work on your short game your short game your short game and get into yoga stretching flexibility flexibility will keep your entire swing in proper sequencing. Glad you are in buddy.

    6. You need to work on distance control on putting I would say. From what I've seen recently. Either way your a much better player then me!

    7. As others have said, you know what's best for you, but seeing as you have asked.
      Keeping a positive attitude, accepting the bad results as a nothing more than a place to improve on for the next round.
      Starting at 28 will be hilarious for you. Remember those times for when you're back in to cat 1 and those pesky 0.1's frustrate you.
      Love the idea by the way, fair play for putting yourself out there!

    8. Giving yourself more genuine birdie looks from inside 12‘ with wedges

      Can you just register for a USGA hcp and track it? Plenty of the tour pros keep one

    9. Welcome to the States! 28 is too high but post your scores so we can see it come down. It'll be down fast, with your length you could shoot par or slightly worse with nothing more than a 5 iron in your bag so it will def be down soon. I'm just out side of Savannah Ga if you ever get up this way it would be great to play with you.

    10. stop talking like a robot Steve ffs pal
      34 seconds I lasted watching that 🙈
      you look like a local in those pants . good luck 👍
      I'll try watch again another time

    11. Welcome to SW Florida man! I haven’t golfed Bonita Bay, but can tell you there are PLENTY of great courses all around. My suggestion is keep hitting the clubs and enjoy as many of these courses as ya can. Enjoy and looking forward to some of the course vlogs down this way!

    12. First and foremost welcome to Florida! Enjoy it here!!!
      As for what you need to work on, in my humble two things will help:
      1. Short game with an emphasis on your putting. You have been bleeding strokes in this area, Steve.
      2. Get back to your relaxed self. There's something to be said about going out there and just having fun. Lately it has seemed to me that you were not relaxed in the moment. Perhaps too much going on in the background? Not enough practice and you went into each shot knowing you weren't as ready for the shot as you once were.

      Again welcome to the US and my home state, Florida. If you get a chance to play it, Meditara (spelling?) is an amazing track down there. Bonita Bay is also incredible by the way!