Irish coffee – 5 Days of Specialty Coffees – Monday

Irish coffee - 5 Days of Specialty Coffees - Monday
    We're spending the week making special coffees! One a day until Friday. First up the Irish Coffee. It's hot, delicious and so simple to make! Why wouldn't you make one? Tune in tomorrow. We're making a Hot Rum Mocha
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    In a warm Irish Coffee glass/mug combine:
    2 tsp - Brown sugar
    4 oz - Strong, hot coffee
    Stir until sugar is fully dissolved
    Add 2 oz Irish Whiskey
    Float 1 oz of 
    lightly whipped cream
    by pouring it over the
    back of a warm spoon
    Do not stir! Drink the coffee
    through the cream
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    1. Hi Bruce, I like the old classics, Manhattans, old fashioned and whisky sours. Two of your signature Irish Whisky's and anyone can shovel a driveway full of snow. Potent But So Good. Best Regard's, Mark

    2. I first had a few sips of an Irish coffee at a brunch restaurant. It was amazing, like drinking the warm tears of angels. What I think made it so great was the dusting of cinnamon on the top; it made the drink an aromatic experience, not just a tipple.

    3. Hey creepy guy!!! My previous message to you. What have you done with the passion syrup. Also with that pistachio orgeat I want something which is not as thick as milkshake

    4. 9/10 for this, you used whipped cream, but you did point out it shouldn't be sweetened, I have had so many ruined irish coffees where it's sweetened whipped cream out of a tin. -urgh!

    5. The cocktail shaker actually works better than a whisk if you just place a small teaspoon inside, I would always choose my shaker over a whisk when making any liquor coffee. Your videos are great I have watched them for a few years now and I love your history lessons its great stuff to tell guests who visit my bar and have plenty of questions. Cheers from Ireland, Go raibh maith agat .

    6. you Always have great show thank you .. nice to see a great recipe, usually people use baileys irish cream or over sweeten the drink. Your recipe looks spot on.