If You Think People Are The Worst These Days, These 100 Wholesome Pics May Change Your Mind (New Pics)

It’s tough to stay positive when coronavirus deaths top 10,000 globally and entire nations go on lockdown. And in the midst of the fear and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, each day seems to bring news that’s worse than the day before. However, as in most major disasters, tragedies, and public health threats, there are reasons for a better future.

So, even though it’s difficult to be the “it could always be worse” type of person during these difficult times, let’s try. After all, what other options do we have? Bored Panda has compiled a list of good news about COVID-19 to complement the ones we already have, so scroll down and check ’em out!

#1 Leadership Indeed

Image credits: Goodable

It’s worth mentioning that most people with COVID-19 recover. Current estimates suggest that 99% of people infected will beat it. Some people even don’t experience any of the symptoms at all. Yes, thousands have died, but the overall death rate is about 1% (or perhaps even lower), far less than MERS (about 34%), SARS (about 11%), or Ebola (90%), though a lot higher than the average seasonal flu (0.1%). Condolences to all the lives lost to this illness, and we should expect many more cases, but if we were to isolate the fatality rates, it could be far worse.

#2 This Japanese Shopkeeper’s Smile 

Image credits: lordclarmander

Also, scientists have found out how the novel coronavirus breaks into human cells. This will significantly help to develop treatments. It began when researchers revealed the first picture of how the novel coronavirus binds with human respiratory cells to produce more viruses. The scientists in China then solidified the images all the way down to the level of the atoms at the binding points. With this news, understanding how the virus enters cells will significantly aid researchers in finding drugs and vaccines to fight the virus.

A good example of this also comes from China where local medical authorities reported that a drug used in Japan to treat new strains of influenza appeared to be effective in coronavirus patients. Zhang Xinmin, an official at China’s science and technology ministry, said favipiravir, developed by a subsidiary of Fujifilm, had produced promising results in clinical trials in Wuhan and Shenzhen involving 340 patients.

#3 These Are Epic Times

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

Next, humanity’s response to future pandemics should improve. “The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed shortcomings in healthcare systems throughout the world that provide an opportunity to improve them,” Robert H. Shmerling, MD, wrote in the Harvard Health Blog. “For example, a faster global response, better and quicker distribution of testing kits, and more coordinated and coherent public messaging should be expected the next time around. (No guarantees, of course.)”

The new coronavirus epidemic is a huge problem that’s probably only gonna get bigger in the following weeks and months. For those who are infected and those trying to avoid infection, these are definitely tough times. But, as Shmerling put it, “Amid all the doom and gloom, there are some positive stories, positive messages and reasons to remain hopeful.”

#4 Husband Celebrates 67th Anniversary Outside Wife’s Nursing Home

Image credits: MERNiK6

#5 During The Quarantine, A Pianist In Barcelona Went To His Balcony To Play “My Heart Will Go On”

#6 A Customer Left A $2,500 Tip To Support An Ohio Bar That Had To Close Because Of Coronavirus

Image credits: cnn

#7 This 103 Year Old Iranian Women Beat The The Corona Virus And Was Allowed To Go Back Home! She’s Holding A Piece Of Paper Saying “I Defeated The Corona Virus”

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 Granddaughter Telling Grandfather The News Of Her Engagement

Image credits: WorriedOrchid

#9 He Comes To Talk To His Dad Every Day Since The Nursing Home Is On Lockdown

Image credits: WillOfTheLand

#10 Wholesome

Image credits: derryqueenhaha

#11 Spanish Soldiers Helping An Elderly Woman During Quarentine

Image credits: KrvMoses

#12 My Local Chinese Restaurant Fed 100 People For Free Today. This Is What Community Is All About

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 Jennifer Haller, The First Person In The World To Be Injected With The Experimental Vaccine For The Covid-19

Image credits: TheCanadianAbroad

#14 Boyfriend Lost His Serving Job Because Of Corona. Bosses Cleared Out The Kitchen To Provide Food For Employees And Intend On Making Them Weekly Care Packages

Image credits: reddit.com

#15 Distancing Solution In A Danish Supermarket

Image credits: reddit.com

#16 Stop Hoarding

Image credits: ohsoyouthink

#17 Someone With A Generous And Kind Heart

Image credits: CryptoExodus

#18 China Sent Medical Masks To Italy

Image credits: mhdksafa

#19 Not Often Do We See People This Young And Mature. Bravo Edmidgley, We Are Sorry You Had To Step Down

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 My Kindergarten Teaching Wife Holding Daily Zoom Sessions For Her Students.  Because She’s A Real Hero!

Image credits: PatMerrill

#21 We Don’t Deserve John Bon Jovi

Image credits: Zaboom16

#22 Great News

Image credits: DiageoLiam

#23 Good Socializing Etiquette In The Era Of The Coronavirus

Image credits: jcepiano

#24 Sometimes A Bad Situation Brings Out The Best

Image credits: DaveVonMatterhorn

#25 Nz Supermarket

Image credits: birdybirdy

#26 That’s How You Do It!

Image credits: LipstickEcon

#27 We Need More Efforts Like These

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 My Wife Off To Fight Covid-19. Not All Heroes Wear Capes. Some Wear Ppe

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 Lots Of Strange Things Happening In The World Lately. Adopted This Rescue Kitty Today To Help Make Both Our Lives Better

Image credits: TheWhiteBobbyJindal

#30 This Student Created A Network Of ‘Shopping Angels’ To Help The Elderly Get Groceries During The Coronavirus Pandemic

#31 Free Books

Image credits: laurencochrann

#32 A Patient’s Daughter Writing Messages To Her Mom During The Visitor Ban Amidst The Corona Outbreak

Image credits: reddit.com

#33 Elderly Residents In A Care Home In Scotland Have Not Been Allowed Visitation From Their Loved Ones Due To Covid 19. The Carers Are Using Facebook To Keep In Touch With Their Families To Let Them Know They Are Safe

Image credits: Benore Care Centre

#34 Stay Safe Be Kind

Image credits: me_colin

#35 Heroes

Image credits: doctor_oxford

#36 This Church Has The Right Idea

Image credits: puttputt

#37 100 Years Old Today And The Nursing Home Is On Coronavirus Lockdown So They Sang To Her From Outside

Image credits: Cradnee

#38 Chris Is Definitely A Bro

Image credits: reddit.com

#39 Oink, Oink

Image credits: taylorswifh

#40 Humans Above Business. Always

Image credits: goodnews_movement

#41 Shout Out To My Sister For Singing Happy Birthday To Me While I’m Self Quarantined. Here’s To 28!

Image credits: oversharewithfamily

#42 Father Of The Year

Image credits: WaseemAfridi

#43 A 98 Year Old Patient Recovered From Coronavirus In China

Image credits: abidlone1111

#44 Due To Coronavirus, We Decided To Just Go To The Courthouse Today Instead Of Stressing About The Wedding We’ve Been Planning For Months. Couldn’t Be Happier

Image credits: yuyu556448

#45 We Had To Cancel Our Wedding, But We Didn’t Cancel The Marriage

Image credits: Brooklynglittergirl

#46 I’m Gonna Cry

Image credits: jennydeloach

#47 My Neighborhood Converted Our Library To A Food And Supply Bank During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Image credits: WartornTiger

#48 Coronavirus Lockdown Likely Saved 77,000 Lives In China Just By Reducing Pollution

Image credits: ikaveri

#49 What People Are Upto In Italy During Corona Pandemic

#50 Drew Is A Legend

Image credits: reddit.com

#51 My Sister On The Left, Chicago Fire Department Paramedic. Thanks For Being Awesome, Dork

Image credits: reddit.com

#52 A Doctor In Wuhan Stopped To Let A 87 Year Old Patient To See The Sunset During A Transfer

Image credits: peijin_zhang

#53 Covid Power Couple Working Long Shifts In The ER! I Cannot Tell You How Happy I Am To Have My Boyfriend Who Understands The Stresses I’m Going Through

Image credits: pattykolo8

#54 Northern Canadian City Embracing Social Distancing By Putting Hearts In Their Windows For People On Walks To See; This Is Just Some Of Them!

Image credits: reddit.com

#55 My Local Distillery Started Making Hand Sanitizer And Giving It Away For Free

Image credits: GenitalJouster489

#56 Policeman Feeding Birds Near Erbil Citadel During COVID-19. No One Else Is Out Due To The Pandemic

Image credits: Rezhw93

#57 Give A Little Smile In This Troubling Time. My Work Is Giving Away Free Toilet Paper When You Spend $5 In Our Drive-Thru. Everyone Gets A Good Laugh About It! Love My Job

Image credits: miketv1222

#58 Thank You Jenn. My County Has The Highest Count Of Covid-19 In Our State

Image credits: davenowood01

#59 My Neighborhood Little Free Library Transformed Overnight (Love My Neighbors In Madison)

Image credits: bighootay

#60 The Red Cross In Italy Helping Deliver Food And Goods To The Quarantined

Image credits: TinmanReddits

#61 Showing The Movie On The Wall, Italy

Image credits: Good Films Make Your Life Better

#62 A Local Bank In My Area Bought All The Corned Beef From A Local Deli After They Had To Shut Down Do To The Coronavirus

Image credits: reddit.com

#63 Reasonable And Appreciative Customers? No Way

Image credits: reddit.com

#64 Salute To All Health Workers Around The Globe Sacrificing Their Comfort And Safety To Help Another

Image credits: reddit.com

#65 Christmas In March! Why Not?

Image credits: goodnews_movement

#66 China Permanently Bans Consumption Of Wild Animals

Image credits: reddit.com

#67 Neighbours On Lockdown Sing Happy Birthday To 80 Year Old From Their Balconies

#68 School Staff In Wyoming, Standing Out In The Storm With Lunches For Students

Image credits: rokit2space

#69 DIY Face Shields For Our Frontliners

Image credits: MrsIronbad

#70 Real Heroes Deserve More Appreciation

Image credits: abidlone1111

#71 Husband And Wife On First Line Of Defense Against Coronavirus. Finally Meet For Couple Minutes

Image credits: ChocoLolita

#72 This Is Darryl Falzarano, His 12 Member Research Team Is Currently Testing A Vaccine For Covid-19

Image credits: IanMazgelis

#73 My Mom Saw Phil Woodman, President Of Woodman’s (Major Grocery Chain In The Midwest), Stocking The Chicken At His Store This Morning

Image credits: JellyBeanCat

#74 You Amazing Humans, We Thank You

Image credits: BogdanBCG

#75 Wholesome

Image credits: angelomeneghini

#76 Wholesomeness In The Midst Of Covid-19

I work with an older gentleman who has disabilities. I support him in his home, located in an elderly community, which is obviously the neighborhood to avoid right now. As I was leaving at the end of my shift, these people were dropping off supply bags at each door full of stuff which the older people would need during the quarantine. It wasn’t too much in each bag, but they at least gave a roll of toilet paper and some hygiene products. They all had great big smiles and were some of the cheesiest people I’ve seen in awhile. It really brightened my outlook on this lockdown which central/ northern California is going into and contrasted the selfishness of those who have been over buying and hoarding supplies. That made me feel really good and I want to spread the positivity on.

Please be careful y’all, and take care of each other. God bless

Image credits: cleverestwords

#77 Us Navy Hospital Ships On Their Way To New York To Help Fight Chinese Coronavirus

Image credits: JRawkz

#78 People Buying Gift Cards From A Local Restaurant To See Them Through Lean Times

Image credits: reddit.com

#79 Invisible Hands

Image credits: upvotemypics

#80 When A Woman In London Posted This Letter In Her Building, She Heard A Knock On Her Door And No One Was There— A Neighbor Left These Chocolates With An Anonymous Reply To Her Letter

Image credits: goodnews_movement

#81 To Help Low-Income Families Stay Connected To Updates About The Covid-19 Pandemic And To Alleviate Those Adversely Affected, Comcast Is Giving Away Two Months Of Free Internet Services Through Its Internet Essentials Program For Eligible Households That Sign Up Starting Monday, March 16

Image credits: goodnews_movement

#82 Butcher Dave Jones, The Owner Of D Jones Butchers In Earlsheaton, UK, Posted On Social Media Offering To Deliver 2-Week Food Parcel At No Cost, After A Rise In Coronavirus Cases Across The UK

Image credits: goodnews_movement

#83 Faith In Humanity Restored!

Image credits: SwampAss13

#84 Landlady Gives Some Money To Tenants, Also Lets Them Have 1 Month Free Rent

#85 Here’s My Bosses Cooking The Last Of The Food In The Restaurant To Give Out To The Employees

Image credits: Subushie

#86 My Sister Sent This To Me Today, I’m So Proud Of Her

Image credits: reddit.com

#87 This Saint Of A Woman Has Been Handing Out Sack Lunches For The Kids At A Local Park

Image credits: chalillianaire

#88 Things Are Fine At My Local Grocery. Out Of A Few Staples, But No Need To Panic Or Hoard

Image credits: Luke_7

#89 Doing Your Part Looks Like This, NYC Rush-Hour Traffic, It’s Not Easy, But We Can Do This

Image credits: ToggleBoss

#90 I Just Drove By This, Not Everyone Is A Hoarder. It Put A Smile On My Face In These Uncertain Times

Image credits: PhilCore666

#91 Crystal Clear Water In Venice Due To Decrease Of Pollution

Image credits: moose098

#92 The Owner Of My Local Supermarket Hitesh Is Opening Early And Allowing Only Pensioners For An Hour

Image credits: FiftyOne151

#93 Was Going To Buy TP This Past Weekend. Put Final Roll On The Holder This Morning

I couldn’t find any. Many trips, 6 days, Ran into a driver. Said he just delivered to another store. Gave him a $20 card to subway. Thank these heroes even if it’s small!

Image credits: Jmirque

#94 Nice

Image credits: thehill

#95 A Hotel In Wuhan Has Been Providing 1000 Free “Love Box Lunch” Meals A Day For Frontline Medical Staff At Hospitals

Image credits: MisterT12

#96 Took Mom To Walmart This Morning To Grab A Few Things And As Usual, The Toilet Paper And Paper Towels Were Nowhere To Be Found

As we were walking to the car, we see this guy stopping some elderly folks and handing them bags of toilet paper…. Out of his trunk. I was blown away because I’m usually expecting the worst in people. He came over to us and asked if we needed some then handed my mom a bag with, I think 5 or 6 rolls. Then he says he didn’t want money… He was just out helping the older folks that needed it! That was pretty rad.

Thank you, toilet paper guy!!

Image credits: Tony Valdez

#97 My Local Trader Joe’s Making Sure People Get What They Need

Image credits: shweek

#98 Our Mailman Posted This Today! Sars-Cov-2 Can Survive On Steel For Up To Three Days, So I’ll Be Sanitizing Mine, As Well

Image credits: NinjBun

#99 My Workmate Got This Through His Door. Be Kind And Be Safe

Image credits: gghhjj123456

#100 My Apartment Complex Had To Close The Clubhouse, Close The Gym, And Postpone Resident Events. But They Won’t Stop Trying To Cheer Us All Up Despitethe Quarantine! Today I Found Puzzles When I Went To Check The Mail

Image credits: Fruity_Rebbles

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