I Draw Cute And Silly Moments From My Married Life (45 Pics)

I started making these illustrations of my partner and me because I wanted to express my love beyond words! They had become really fun to make, so I kept drawing more and more for him and decided to share it with everyone as well. These are just a few of many illustrations with more to come.

I hope whoever sees these enjoys them, and you can find more on my Instagram and Facebook.

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#1 My Facial Expression When I’m Alone Vs. When I See You!

#2 And So He Baked A Cake

#3 We Love Spicy Food!

#4 Hot Vs. Cold

#5 Seeing And Standing Next To Him Made Me Feel So At Ease And Full Of Happiness

#6 Just Want To Have Clear Skin

#7 Deciding What Food To Get… Why Not Get Both!

#8 What’s Love If Ya Can’t Joke Around With Each Other

#9 Gaming Together

#10 I Love Leaving Little Presents On Steven’s Desk, But You Know I Had To Have Some Of That Candy

#11 Tfw When You’re Makin’ Out With Your So And Your Pet Is Silently Judging You

#12 Oops I’m Thirsty

#13 Just Because The Weather Is Getting Hotter, Doesn’t Mean It’ll Stop Me From Spoonage

#14 Over A Decade Into Our Relationship, And I Still Ask Dumb Questions I Already Know The Answers To…

#15 One, Two, Kisses Coming For You…

#16 Finding More Ways To Express How Much I Love You

#17 Waking Up Your Spouse Is A Labor Of Love

#18 I Love The Hugs I Get While I’m Working

#19 Don’t Mind Me Just Thirsting Over My Husband

#20 Our Lives Are Usually So Busy, So I Really Cherish Moments Like These, When Time Stops For Us And We Can Relax

#21 Spread Da Luv And Happiness!

#22 Hugs

#23 Blessed

#24 Bath

#25 Movie Night

#26 After All These Years Of Steven Complimenting Me I Still Get Flustered

#27 I Love The Lil Early Morning Kisses I Get From Steven Before He Leaves For Work

#28 Toony Says Go To Skreep

#29 We All Have Rough Days Sometimes. Whenever My Batteries Are Completely Drained, Steven Can Always Effortlessly Recharge Them!

#30 Taking Care Of Each Other When We’re Sick

#31 I Finally Found A Title, Which Is I Love You X Infinity (Because Steven And I Have Been Saying That To Each Other Since The Beginning)

#32 There Are Two Types Of People: Those Who Use Exact Measurements In A Recipe, And Then There’s Me

#33 Thank You Steven For Putting Up With My Horrible Singing

#34 Steven Can Easily Make All My Bad Feelings Go Away

#35 One Of The Hardest Things To Do Is Leave The House. I Can’t Resist Those Lil Dumb Beady Eyes!

#36 When I Want A Kiss, I Want A Big Kiss

#37 How I Be Lookin’ Coming Out Of The Bath

#38 Fun At The Grocery Store

#39 Sometimes I’m So Glued To My Desk And Focused On Work That I Forget To Move Around And End Up Spending My Whole Day Sitting. I Need To Stretch More, But Thank You Steven For Your Reassurance

#40 The Truth Is Steven Has The Best Cat Lap, But I Gotta Rub It In Whenever I Am The Chosen One!

#41 What It’s Like Watching Dramas

#42 Me And Steven At 3 A.m.

#43 I Read Somewhere That You Can Lose 3 Calories Per Minute From Kissing So Watch Out Steven I’m Gonna Get So Shredded

#44 Don’t Worry, I’ll Protect You…!

#45 It’s Showtime

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