I Am A Craft Brewer

I Am A Craft Brewer
    "I Am A Craft Brewer" is a collaborative video representing the camaraderie, character and integrity of the American Craft Brewing movement. Created by Greg Koch, CEO of the Stone Brewing Co. and Chris & Jared of Redtail Media...and more than 35 amazing craft brewers from all over the country. The video was shown to a packed audience of 1700 craft brewers and industry members at the 2009 Craft Brewers Conference as an introduction to Greg's Keynote Speech. Entitled "Be Remarkable: Collaboration Ethics Camaraderie Passion." As is tradition for the CBC Keynote, a toast to the audience was offered. This time, the beers offered for the toast were all collaboratively brewed craft beers including Isabella Proximus, Collaboration Not Litigation, AleSmith/Mikkeller/Stone Belgian Style Triple, Jolly Pumpkin/Nøgne-Ø/Stone Special Holiday Ale, and 2009 Symposium Ale "Audacity of Hops."

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    1. "I don't put corn in my beer. I don't put rice in my beer." Now, that is some real shit right there. I'm so tired of those bullshit adjunct lagers out there. Make some real beer.

    2. we like good beers, at good prices. that is not posible if you dont make you're own… or steal it. no one is better than anyone, and some of us dont even like wine.
      ps: your comment is shit

    3. I love this video! There truly is a craft beer for everyone. I have been working on starting my own brewery too…check us out if you get a chance. (53 Peaks Brewing Co)

    4. This is where college and street education meet….Enjoy your future at AB/Miller Coors. Obviously your passion isn't about beer its about profit. So you fit right in with their thinking. Their product is successful because they deliver a product that is advertised over and over and over….

      If you ever a smoked you would know that your first pack bought wasn't necessarily the greatest cigarettes but the cigarette's that kept being adverted. Welcome to advertising… stop being a moron…

    5. how is this arrogant?
      the big corporations are selling wattered down dogpiss to us, and say it's the best beer in the world.
      now THAT is arrogant.

      now i'm dutch, as is heineken, but that 'beer' is even worse than wattered down dogpiss.
      i wouldn't even drink it to save my life.

    6. Lol I just so happened to have my imperial blond ale next to me to cheers and salute and im the only one home. Never loose your integrity for a good brew!

      -EnjoyGoodBeer HBT talk forum

    7. We believe in beards, and in not shaving. We believe in disheveled hair and earth tones. We believe in the 1st world problems of freedom, choice, and disposable income. I am an Artisan. I spit on Blue Moon. We believe Shiner is part of the problem. We believe if your room temperature is above 50, you aren't American.
      OK, I'm done.

    8. To all the people throwing hate at this video, saying the big three is the best in beer is like saying burger king, wendy's and mcdonalds are the best restaurants in the world. Give me a russian imperial stout over that watery piss anyday. Brooklyn black chocolate stout, storm king, old rasputin, founders RIS.

    9. @JoKeRtHeJeSTeR just wanted to make a slight correction … it's Greg Koch (pronounced Cook). and yes, he does have a way with words =)

    10. Amain! It starts with beer drinkers, then home brewers, then craft brewers who have a chance to open the doors for everyone else. Multiply Micro, Never go Macro. You make them I review them. Become a Beer Disciple and spread the gospel…

    11. Hey look, it's a commercial about beer that explains how beer commericals are bad.

      NEWSFLASH: Craft Beer Snobs don't need any help looking like pompous, arrogant, douche-bags…..then came this video.

    12. The multi media mass marketed mass indocrinated masses are so mass mind manipulated by the lipsmackin' popsi 'beer' producers, that the only mass debate they have over their sup, is do the ad-men tell them to like C, D, or DD cups.
      Be the shepherd, and NOT the sheep.
      Put down your tasteless ricecorn popsi mclager. Lean out of your window and scream,
      Say it loud,
      Say it proud.
      I'm a craft beer drinker.

    13. does anybody know what brewery the guy with long hair, goatee. and glasses …the "revolutionary" owns?? Just Curiouis. A shout out to all the Wiscconsin craft brewers….while enjoy a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.

    14. G'day Guys! Awesome heart felt passion on this video I luv it as it reminds me of my ACN home business values etc as I've just order my first beer keg fridge thru my Brew By U Micro Brewery company here in Redcliffe, Qld, Australia & going to brew a Russian Stout 8.5%. It's got a bit of a kick so see how it goes guys, Cheers & catch ya later Spud!

    15. It's not just American, but America definitely has the biggest craft selection and many people think the best craft brews in the world, including myself.

    16. This video is all about the people who go out and take a chance on something that they are so passion about it they will work 20 hour days for years just make someone say "Hey man, that taste really good, thanks!" The dedication that is seen within small businesses is undeniable and that is why…


      My tribute to craft beer is at Beer Nation on You Tube

    17. I really like this video a lot and I'm out there to spread the word of craft beer and the awesome people who create it and serve it and drink it. This video is so inspiring to not only want to go out there and enjoy delicious beer but to go out there and do what you love no matter how many people tell you are crazy…whether it is to open a brewery or a bar that doesn't serve any beers from 96% of the market share. Start a coffee roasting company or a cupcake factory, or a candy making business

    18. I love this video. It's a shame this isn't running on national TV during Football Sunday…

      I am a craft beer drinker and reviewer and I don't care if y'all check out my videos or my website but I do care if you drink good beer. There are to many quality breweries out there for anyone to be drinking adjunct laden horse piss.

      This video needs to be applauded for its display of camaraderie among the craft brewers alone…

    19. ICELAND HAS HOMEBREWING SHOPS??? Where do you get your grain, hops, and yeast? I have Icelandic family and I visit every summer. I always wanted to bring my homebrew gear over there, but I wasn't sure I could get ingredients or equipment! Do you have a website for a homebrew shop in Reykjavik? Can you get Rogue's beer in Iceland? Love to hear this!