Hurricane Harvey: Houston flood victim calls out CNN reporter Rosa Flores live on air – TomoNews

Hurricane Harvey: Houston flood victim calls out CNN reporter Rosa Flores live on air - TomoNews
    HOUSTON — A CNN reporter received a serious dressing down when a Houston flood survivor snapped and launched into a live on-air rant. 
    The mother and her family are just some of the thousands of people displaced by Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding in Texas.
    The woman couldn't believe it when a CNN film crew, led by reporter Rosa Flores, shoved cameras and microphones in the faces of survivors as they sought refuge from the storm.
    The woman then made her displeasure known, and in no uncertain terms.
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    1. CNN reporters came up to her for views because shes a mother with her children they want views they want the attention like their concerned, they tryna get paid and have no concern for ppl who are still in shock and no they didnt ask for consent they just walk up with the cameras they dont have to while in a FEMA camp you have no rights your basically a prisoner.

    2. So dont let them get dry food water settled than get a interview leave out the part where your crew rent boats trucks that could be used for rescue all so you can get a story make all the videos portraying you as heros or a necessity your still scum media never rises to the occasion all ways ratings over lives and human decency

    3. That lady clearly overreacted. If you agreed to interview at first place, then why do you go on rampage on journalist?? She should just clearly state that 'no, I don't want to talk' and just leave. You don't need to go on the rampage. Just simply say 'no' and leave.

    4. First CNN blackmails a child because of a tweet they made about Donald Trump, now they are treating Hurricane Harvey survivors likes cash cows to interview and then never think about again. Seriously CNN, what is wrong with you?