How Far Do Average Golfers Really Hit It?

How Far Do Average Golfers Really Hit It?
    Written: Joel Beal 
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    AUCHTERARDER, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 22: Rory McIlroy of Europe practices on the range ahead of the 2014 Ryder Cup on the PGA Centenary course at the Gleneagles Hotel on September 22, 2014 in Auchterarder, Scotland. (Photo by Harry Engels/Getty Images)
    What constitutes a long drive? For most golfers, they turn to the TV for context. Sadly, the bombs produced by Dustin Johnson and Jason Day aren't realistic standards (even for most pros). Moreover, despite the advances in technology and fitness, 300 yards remains a desired and hallowed target, mainly for one reason: most golfers can't come close to sniffing that distance.
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    Conversely, we continue to hear that escalating distance is becoming a problem, to the point where the USGA is starting to take steps to curb this supposed issue.
    So, how far do average golfers really hit it?
    Thanks to the folks at Game Golf, we finally have an idea.
    Game Golf Live, a wearable real-time shot-tracking system that received Golf Digest's Editors' Choice for Best Game Analyzer, provided data regarding the average driving distance from rounds played in 2016 (April to September). Breaking it down in two divisions -- age and handicap -- here are the median driving distances from golfers across the world:
    At its core, the median driving distance is 219.55 yards. Other club distances of note: the median 3-wood goes 186.89 yards, 7-iron clocks in at 133.48 yards and pitching wedge at a 73.97 mark. For what it's worth, golfers find the fairway 46.46 percent of the time.
    Sure, the biggest yardage number (250) may seem puny -- especially when Henrik Stenson is outdriving that figure by 40 yards with his 3-wood -- but those stats are nothing to deride. However, it does illustrate that, while average golfers are getting it out there, worries about rising distances ruining the game are overblown (at least at the amateur level).
    Of course, these figures are just for show. The only number that really matters resides at the end of your scorecard.
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    1. A friend of mine is now 65 years old and has been playing all his life. His approach shots are short almost 90 percent of the time. He still thinks he can hit a 5-iron 185 yards haha. That club is now a 145-150 yard club and he gets pissed when i tell him "you might need to club up a few more"

    2. This is always a fascinating topic as we always feel like there is more distance that we are not obtaining…. I'm 5'6": carry my driver 240…roll out can be 250-280. My best rounds are 73's (10 hcp) … Data would suggest that I can get a carry of 260…better fitness, better technique, better fairways can achieve longer drives… I have the Epic Flash so better equipment isn't the issue. I believe that it is possible to break par with a drive of 240_280, provided the rest of the game is clean enough to make and save pars… However, I would love to maximize my fitness and technique and have a 270 carry to take advantage of the par 5's and longer par 4's. I always feel pretty average regarding my game so I find it extremely difficult to believe your Average golfer stats…. Very difficult to believe: PW–> 70 something yards…. That's not average, that's gradeschool golf. Please do an updated report?

    3. Lmao I’m a 16 year old junior varsity golfer and I’m pretty scrawny and hit my clubs like this
      3 wood:240
      4 iron:200
      5 iron:190
      6 iron:180
      7 iron 170
      8 iron 160
      9 iron 150
      PW: 140

    4. 55 and 7 hcp, hit my drives about 240 to 250, but I keep really lean and fit. Its all in the wedges and short game though, I hit my LW 95, SW 105, 7 iron 165, 4 iron 200 so Im happy with those nmbrs. Funnest part of the game is 100 yards and in.

    5. Carry or total? Your total will change massively between summer and winter. You could get a lucky bounce too. Not many people will get near 300 carry.

    6. I was at the driving range today and I was blasting a couple of em. I sliced a bunch over the fence but I got one at least 250yd that I hit perfectly straight I actually lost track of it so idk how far it went. But that was a beast and the best on of like 150 balls.

    7. What’s really fucked up is the fact I cannot use any club apart from a driver I cannot play golf but with that driver and a bucket of 120 balls I can clear the back fence which is 280 yards away at the driving range it amazes my friend as he plays in golf competitions and has won a few here in Ireland I go to the range with him and he just hands me the driver and stands and giggles watching the balls just take off out of view sadly not every club is a driver or I would be a fucking legend ?

    8. Age is not an issue. I was stronger at 55 than I was ever. I squatted 611 and bench pressed 401 in my 40's, and squatting 804 and benched 451 in my mid 50's. Because of spurs from bad cliff diving, football, and bar fights the spurs in my shoulder caught up and I had to have 2 shoulder surgeries, the second to fix what the 1st doctor screwed up. I was still getting stronger up until my shoulder surgeries and haven't trained to determine if I am as strong as I am now 61. The difference in a young man and older man's strength is determined by how high his testosterone us and the wear and tare on the body, especially the back. You can inject testosterone in your ass, leg or shoulder. Swing speed is determined by a combination of strength and flexibility. I hit my driver 270 when I could not squat 500 lbs, or 225 kilos, 250 yards when my squats went over 500 lbs, 230 yards when I was squatting 600 lbs, and 200 yards was a damn good drive when I squatted over 800 lbs or 370 kilos. I man don't lose testosterone from age near as much as he does from lack of exercise

    9. I'm 37 and have an average drive of 272 and a handicap of 1. Even when my handicap was higher I still drove the ball 275+ longest drive of my life 365.. down wind down hill. This vid is bs.. unless your a 10+ handicap.. maybe then it applies.

    10. I’m a legit 36.4 handicapper and hit my driver 250m at 16, this is my first year… my short game is where I fail big time

    11. I just bought the new srixon Z785 irons, Wow..
      I could hit my old Taylormade R7 5Iron 191yrds now the Z785 5irons gets me 214yads. and straighter!.
      even my pitching wedge,
      R7 PW =124yds
      Z785= 137yds. and straight. There is something to be said about new tech irons.

    12. 96% of golfesr swing….."over the top". That is like having a regulator on an engine ,keeping it from going over a certain speed. about 220 yards.

    13. I’m 15 in high school and hit it 200 yards with my hybrid. I don’t like to go with driver because I’m less accurate with it. I didn’t realize that was considered far I thought my coach was trying to make me feel good when he called me a power hitter.

    14. I'm 69 and until I was 60 I walked the course carrying my clubs. My average drive was right at 250, my 7 iron at 150, PW at 120. Had a hole in one 3 years ago, with a 9 iron at 135 yards. But now, I can't walk anymore, weak core in my lower back. My average good drive is 210 and have lost 20 yards on my long irons. Surprisingly I haven't lost as much distance from my 8 iron on down; I still hit the PW 120 and the AW 113. It's strange what age does to you, it's not just a loss of strength, it's an increase in stiffness of the entire body.

    15. Trackman tells you how far you really hit it. For me it was just 250yds with a couple 262 or so, 108 to 110mph swing speed. This is right from trackman. In my mens club there a couple of guys that can hit it 30yds past me, but I am top 40% in my mens club. 4 out of 10 guys can out drive me, 6 out of 10 fall behind me

    16. What's your swing speed? Law of Physics say you can only hit it so far with that swing speed? I would like to know what is the max distance with each swing speed – 110mph = max distance on level no wind is ???, 115mph = ??? 120mph = ???

    17. At 5'-5" and driving 250yds, I've broken 80 twice and countless rounds in the 80's.
      That's good enough for me.
      The short game is where its at, forget distance.

    18. I'm 70 years old and don't hit it so far anymore. My average drive is only 185 – 190. But I can hit it straight and hit fairways. Straight beats long every day of the week. And twice on Sundays.

    19. I’m 52 Not concerned at all about how far I have to hit it.
      I’m more focused on where I hit it.
      Accuracy trumps the need for distance in my game.
      And because of that, my score has gone down 10 strokes now.

    20. I'm pretty sure that golf is a game of counted strokes, adding penalties (including clock time) and adjusting by handicap and course slope. The scorecards I use have no space for yards hit. Ive played with young people who hit farther but they play the back tees. I've also played with a wheel chair bound double amputee who shot target golf without a rangefinder and once shot 79 on the old course when they began allowing carts. I don't think he ever referred to his driving distance as accuracy was more important to him.
      By the way I like your videos. They are entertaining. If you add wind allowance into your formula for "breaking" certain scores I might find them more useful. Keep up the good work.

    21. My longest drive was 2.5 miles – on a frozen lake in January in Saskatchewan. There was a 40 mile per hour wind behind me that kept the ball rolling too. Does that count as a long drive?

    22. The usga just not too long ago came out with a report that they arent doing anything about distance… they really arenr concern and have not noticed much according to data

    23. Hcp 19. I'm happy to hit the fairway and take it from there. If I'm level with my fellow players after 2 strokes (say they drive 250+ yards) then I know I have a chance. "Length isn't important", as the old saying goes…

    24. im 38 yrs been playing golf off and on for about 8 years, 3-4 years hardcore,3-5 times a week then a few yrs off due to circumstances. had the chance to pick it back up this year. im 38 yrs old, 365 lbs, 6foot 3. i drive on average 270 ish .+15/-15 yards on any given tee off. FARTHEST DRIVE EVER was about 350….from a 20 foot elevated tee box on a windy day lulz….
      truth be told im happy with anything over 200 and on the fairway. 15 handicap

    25. Jocks with expensive drivers insist on playing the longest tees, then spend the entire round slicing 230 yards into the trees while claiming they’ve never played like this. I play the standard men’s tees and hit an easy driver about 210-220 in the fairway ( most of the time )