Here’s Some Of The Most Truthful Graffiti Related To Coronavirus

Coronavirus has affected the whole world. People are anxious, and the streets are empty. Well, almost empty. When it comes to the streets, you can only expect one group to roam and stay loyal to them, and they are the street artists. The explanation’s quite simple: even in more peaceful times, these rogues are no strangers to risks, such as the law, and now it’s no different. Also, they wore facemasks before it was “cool.” In times where all the galleries and museums are closed, the streets have become the canvas for public imagination. Let’s take a look at how street artists around the world have interpreted the situation.

Have you Pandas ever seen something like this, too? Share it on this list, but don’t forget to give credit where it’s due!

DISCLAIMER: as per public health recommendations, we don’t recommend you going out at these times. It’s best that you share something you found browsing the internet.

#1 Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Artist: Fake

Fake says to have painted this “Super Nurse” as an ode to all healthcare professionals around the world.

Image credits: iamfake

#2 Copenhagen, Denmark. Artist: Welinoo

Image credits: welinoo

#3 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Teachr1

Image credits: teachr1

#4 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Ponywave

From the artist’s Instagram:
“We all are going through this together. There is a reason which we will see after all. It’s time to look at ourselves. Take a look at what are we doing with the planet and our lifetime. Maybe we should change our priorities? Maybe we should slow down? Maybe we should take a look around and start respect our planet and all those with whom we share it? Maybe someone is trying to hide some changes? Or economic collapse? Maybe one more step to a new world order?”

Image credits: ponywave

#5 Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy

Image credits: tvboy

#6 Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy

“Divided We Stand, United We Fall.”

Image credits: tvboy

#7 Berlin, Germany. Artist: EME Freethinker

Image credits: Bobone2121

#8 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Artist: Aira Ocrespo

Translation from Portuguese: “Bolsonaro’s mask against the Coronavirus.”

#9 Pompei, Italy. Artist: Nello Petrucci

Image credits: nellopetrucciartist

#10 Malmö, Sweden. Artist: Richard Juggins

Image credits: Richard Juggins

#11 Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy

Image credits: tvboy

#12 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Corie Mattie

Image credits: coriemattie

#13 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Rasmus Balstrøm

Balstrøm who is originally from Denmark did this last mural before he had to flee the country.

Image credits: balstroem

#14 Glasgow, UK. Artist: The Rebel Bear

Image credits: the.rebel.bear

#15 Miami, USA. Artist: Sean “Hula” Yoro

Image credits: the_hula

#16 Jindbayne, Australia. Artist: N/A

Image credits: EditedThisWay

#17 Bristol, UK. Artist: Angus

Image credits: angusart85

#18 Mumbai, India. Artist: Tyler Street Art

“Keep calm”

Image credits: tylerstreetart

#19 Bryne, Norway. Artist: Pøbel

“In these challenging times, I hope this piece can be a positive contribution and spread some joy. Be safe and take care of one another.”

Image credits:

#20 London, UK. Artist: Pegaus

Image credits: ojc9

#21 Tartu, Estonia. Artist: Princess Täna

“Living in a bubble. Just to be more ironic, a soap bubble.”

Image credits: princess_t2na

#22 Bristol, UK. Artist: John D’oh

Image credits: johndohart

#23 New York, USA. Artist: Jason Naylor

Image credits: jasonnaylor

#24 Glasgow, UK. Artist: The Rebel Bear

Image credits: the.rebel.bear

#25 New York, USA. Artist: Crkshnk

Image credits: crkshnk

#26 Warsaw, Poland

Translates to: Not every hero wears a cape. Thank you! (Translation credit: Draco Malfoy)

Image credits:

#27 Melbourne, Australia. Artist: Lush Sux

Translation from Chinese – “Nothing to see, carry on.”

Image credits: lushsux

#28 Bristol, UK. Artist: John D’oh

Image credits: johndohart

#29 United Kingdom. Artist: Gnasher

Image credits: gnashermurals

#30 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Jeremy Novy

Image credits: jeremynovy

#31 New York, USA. Artist: Jilly Ballistic

Image credits: Jilly Ballistic

#32 Dublin, Ireland. Artist: Subset Collective

Image credits: subset

#33 Bristol, UK. Artist: Angusart85

Image credits: angusart85

#34 London, UK. Artist: N/A

Image credits: Hookedblog

#35 New York, USA. Artist: Jilly Ballistic

Image credits: jillyballistic

#36 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Ruben Rojas

Image credits: rubenrojas

#37 Copenhagen. Denmark. Artist: Andreas Welin


Image credits: Welinoo

#38 Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Jules Muck

Image credits: muckrock

#39 Bristol, UK. Artist: Diff

Image credits: diff_artist

#40 London, UK. Artist: Lionel Stanhope

Image credits: lionel_stanhope

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