Here Are My 39 Comics About My Childhood

Hello! My name is Beanie and I draw a slice of life comic about my daily life as well as stories from my childhood and post them on Instagram.

I started drawing stories about my childhood to remind myself of the good things that happened in my life. Drawing these has helped me reconnect with that part of me that could find happiness in little moments of everyday life.

Check out my Instagram for more comics about my childhood as well as about being an awkward adult, life with my equally awkward but cute partner and my previous post on Bored Panda about my love for dogs.

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#1 Learning To Read

#2 Cat Friend

I loved our cat Rosa SO much but was much too energetic and crazy for the poor cat to handle at first. I was more used to playing with dogs but once I learnt the right approach we got along very well.

#3 First Dog

A sappy one today. I recently found a picture of Amanda (I was in a habit of calling dogs human names) and got very sentimental. I know a lot of you have special connections with your current pets and the ones that you grew up with so I felt like it might resonate. I think Amanda taught me a lot about kindness and love as a child. Pets are so good.

#4 Dress Up

#5 Hallways

#6 First Snow Encounter

I don’t actually remember this because I was TOO small but it is a story my Papa likes to tell about my first snow encounter. He put me down on the ground for just a second and I immediately stepped away and rolled down a hill.

#7 Ice-Cream

A Baby Beanie memory with my Papa. I don’t think there was actually any dogs around to eat it the vanilla ice cream (and probably good because I don’t think ice cream is good for them?) but I think it’s funny that I was so easily consoled by the prospect of my ice cream going to one.

#8 Sneaking Up

#9 Looking Around For Snails

Drawing this comic made me very nostalgic for those sunny days in the garden and looking around for snails. I sometimes made them little houses from leaves and flowers.

#10 Baby Logic

#11 Candy

#12 Sick Beard

That feeling when your Mama stops to talk to someone on the street and it takes so long that you age 1 million years and grow a sick beard.

#13 Waiting

#14 Kinder Surprise

Obviously there’s nothing wrong with wanting car toys either but I just really wanted the cute little animals that kinder advertised to me! Anyone else remember back when those toys were actually good? My sisters used to collect them and we had sets of little hippos and frogs and other things like that. Those were the days.

#15 Sleep-Talker

I’m a serial creepy sleep-talker hahaha. I also got up in the middle of the night and stood over people’s beds ominously (which I can only imagine how “fun” that would be for the sleeping person).

#16 Awake

I was (like most kids) a child with way too much energy which promptly disappeared when I got to my teens. Now as a perpetually tired adult I wish I had a bit of that bounciness back.

#17 101 Dalmatians

Thus started an obsession that lasted for years and years. As a kid, I watched the original movie, the sequel, the tv show and the live-action movies.

#18 The Mummy

Once, somebody lent my sister The Mummy DVD(with Brandon Fraser) and we watched it together one stormy night. I actually loved the movie (it’s still one of my cheesy faves), but sometimes I got a little spooked. I think the way she dealt with it to make me feel less scared was very sweet.

#19 Food

I vividly remember being a kid and waiting while my mum makes me food. Then I would feel super betrayed when she’d mum take a bite to taste before feeding me. To my mind would be practically taunting me!! The betrayal! Here I am, so impossibly hungry, how dare! My food!

#20 Beret

#21 Star Wars

Another one with my sister and Star Wars!

#22 Bedtime Stories

My sis used to tell me great bedtime stories that she made up on the spot. Sometimes they went on for such a long time it would get SUPER late. Mostly because I would get too invested but sometimes she would also get really excited about telling it. I think once we accidentally stayed up until 4 in the morning. Staying up late feels so weird when you’re little! Did anyone tell you good made-up bedtime stories or stay up really late to keep you company?

#23 Birthday Bunny

#24 Overthinking

As a kid have you ever ended up overthinking which leg goes first and which arm swings with what leg when walking? I used to overthink the frequency of blinking sometimes too.

#25 Berries

As a child, I would regularly raid my mum’s garden for fruits and vegetables straight from the bushes. Apart from raspberries I also liked to forage for sweet peas and gooseberries. And apparently when I was a toddler – onions straight from the veggie patch?? A weirdo.

#26 Chocolate Cereal For Lunch

And that is the story of how I once had a whole lunchbox worth of chocolate cereal for lunch. I drew this because I recently found the actual entry from my childhood diary about this. Roughly translated it literally said “today is a great day, I had cereal for lunch”.

#27 Aggressive Loyalty

#28 Cheese

#29 Sleeping In The Dark

Not gonna lie I’m still pretty scared of sleeping in the dark by myself. I know a lot of people prefer sleeping facing towards the room so that they can see what’s going on but for some reason, I can’t do that. I start looking around too much and can’t sleep as a result.

#30 Feeling Indestructible

Kids bounce back from falling over so well sometimes… I remember feeling indestructible and it drove my mum crazy because I would climb and fall off things constantly and run without looking where I’m going… now I can hurt myself by turning my head wrong pfff.

#31 Childhood Friend

That one time I completely freaked out my childhood friend. We came up with lots of weird stories to play and got so into them that we believed they were actually real. The power of kids’imagination is kinda awesome. But we would also freak ourselves out really easily.

#32 Playing Make-Believe

That one day kids at preschool thought I was cool. Playing make-believe as a kid was the best. I think a huge part of why I like storytelling now is because of that.

#33 Pistachios

#34 Nightmares

All I needed was a HINT of a scary thing for my imagination to take over and make up the rest. I think some of the movies I had nightmares about (without actually seeing much of them ) were – the 6th sense, Scream and The Ring.

#35 Cabbage

One of my childhood nicknames was Cabbage because I was a weirdo and often put on layers and layers of clothes to feel cosier. I’m still almost always cold.

#36 Making Friends

Maybe I just got shyer but it feels like there’s more social gymnastics in friendly conversations between adults. People being very cautious about showing their true selves, worrying about being judged, worrying about first impressions. All fair. But I miss the simpler time where you could get a new friend from playing make-believe in the playground.

#37 Making The Bed

Honestly, I STILL hate changing duvet covers. Even that small thing when the corners get all messed up while you sleep and the duvet bulks up drives me crazyyy. Oh oh, and how about trying to put on fitted sheets and the corners escape as you’re putting them on? It’s okay, I have other things I’m good at.

#38 Childhood Home

The last time I visited my childhood home (my family doesn’t live there anymore) was also the first time I came back in years and everything looked SO small in comparison to how I remembered it. The bathtub felt more like a pool when I was little.

#39 Snuggles

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