Here Are Barack Obama’s Best Books And Movies Of 2019

With 2019 coming to a close, everyone is listing their entertainment highlights of the year, but one of the most auspicious lists is this one posted by former US President Barack Obama.

Obama started his tradition of writing up yearly summer reading lists in 2009, only missing a couple of years while he was in the White House, but he’s had a bit more time to spend reading in recent years and has even branched out into recommending films as well. His justification for only including the few TV series that he considers “as powerful as movies” tells us that he probably doesn’t have a binge-watching habit, though.

Image credits: barackobama

Image credits: barackobama

Image credits: barackobama

The former US President posted his annual book list on Twitter

Image credits: BarackObama

Image credits: BarackObama

He added his favorite movies and plans to post a music list in coming days

Image credits: BarackObama

Image credits: BarackObama

This year, he added to his already formidable summer reading recommendations with an end-of-year list that suggests enthusiasm to consider a variety of perspectives through the medium of fiction, as well as essays and economic analysis. We’re impressed by his consistent reading schedule, and commenters agree. His movie list, on the other hand, is heavy on drama. Some of the films on his list made Rolling Stone’s top 10 films of the year, and there are quite a few Oscar shortlisted entries as well.

He included a short promotion for American Factory, the first release by the Obamas’ own production label. Barack and Michelle say that they picked up the documentary film, which follows American and Chinese factory workers struggling to adapt to the dynamics of a Chinese glass company’s new American manufacturing location, out of a desire to highlight working-class stories.

Commenters praised the former president’s Twitter presence, which he and his social media representatives strive to keep good-natured, professional and eloquent even as a public figure who no longer holds office.

Twitter users appreciated the recommendations and gave their best wishes

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