Halo Lore – The Brave History of Carter

Halo Lore - The Brave History of Carter
    Seeker over at BiowareFollower helped us to recap Halo Reach's brave hero Carter.
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    Edited by Jacob Smith 
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    1. Carter is my favorite Noble Team member, and one of my favorite characters in Halo. He died as a responsible leader, sacrificing himself to save his fireteam, and, in turn, Humanity. I only hope we’ll eventually get more lore on Carter.

    2. my list
      1. master chief halo 1
      2. Sargent Johnson
      3. buck halo 3 odst (not halo 5 as he is a shadow of his former self)
      4. carter the one the only legend and last but not least captain keys

    3. I love Emile's acceptance. "Hit 'em hard, boss." He knows what's gonna happen. He knows he can't stop it. It's just a heart wrenching moment.

    4. Imagine if Carter was still alive today do you reckon he would replace Palmar I swear to god if bungie didn't kill him and 343 replaced palmar with Carter that'll be the best thing 343 will ever do because Carter is the best Spartan 3 ever in my opinion him and chief have alot In common

    5. Carter: No, you can't. Not without help.
      Emile: Commander, you don't have the firepower!
      Carter: I've got the mass.
      Emile: ….solid copy. Hit him hard.
      Carter: You're on your own Noble, Carter out.

      the fucking feels mate

    6. I still don't get why they make lore videos on Halo: The Controversy; I mean Reach, when this "star of the franchise" spits  breaks the lore and pisses on it. If Halo Reach happened the way it did in the game everything from that point, as in Halo 1 and forward wouldn't happened the way it did. Because the Dyson sphere probably wouldn't have been activated or Requiem found.

    7. Was Halo: Reach (the game) canon? I heard that it ISN'T because the game has several inconsistencies when compared to the Halo: Fall Of Reach novel…