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    1. Some good advise combined with a really bad one (in my mind).

      People either play better when they compete or they crumble. It´s a personalty thing. (But it also a thing you can learn to handle – The pressure)

      The advise to stop adding up your score during the round only help the weakest players. Everybody else use the score (hole by hole) to play better. It is the key to be able to keep concentrating to stay in the fight even when you struggle and it is also a perfect way of giving you exactly the information you need if you in the zone and playing really well.

      Only weak player feels negative pressure when they are playing good (having the exact score.) They need to learn to handle that pressure to be able to use the good start to play even better at the end. (Not he other way around.)

    2. I would not play the slice ever. I would work on fixing it. But that is me. If you don't play much probably should play the slice.

      I would recommend learning how to hook, slice, and hit the driver straight. Then you can use any of those options depending on your situation.

    3. If you have a front of the green hole location ( not necessarily on this hole were you have water )….Do you still aim at the middle of the green and put most of the time down to the hole?

    4. What the hell. If you slice every drive (I used to) DO NOT aim left, WHAT. Fix your grip, close the face, learn to intentionally shape the ball flight. Drop 20 from your handicap in 1 season. I cant believe this is real advice from pros. Other things in the video were great, I just cant believe the answer to slicing should be to aim left.

    5. Lots of good advice in this one, well done lads. I am new to golf and need to lower my scores so this kind of video is perfect for me. Steve

    6. There are a few basic things I have learned about playing golf. First, go out and play, practice when you can. The challenge is to hit the ball on the sweet spot of the club as often as you can. If you practice, have no major flaws in your swing, and have played a few years, you would probably have reached the summit of your ability to achieve these clean ball strikes. You might get 80% success, or 60% or maybe just 40%. By that point you have also probably learned how far you can hit a ball. Both of these factors are contingent on natural ability. I could hit the ball fairly consistently but could never drive a ball over 200 yards without a tail wind. To be any more than an average golfer, 200 yards is not good enough. 430 yard par 4s are out of reach in regulation. The question then becomes: is "average" good enough to continue playing? That question can only be answered by the individual. It wasn't good enough for me and I quit.

    7. Using the "Mind" means understanding Statistical Probability on the course……..

      If you truly understand the odds of making a particular shot, after observing all the variables, then you won't get upset at the results if the odds were high in the first place.

    8. This is my favourite video of all time. Not just the content – which is fantastic – but the music, editing, shooting (especially Piers' strategy bit) is so, so good. Can anyone tell me what music is being played during the think/play box routine?

    9. Great stuff! One thing tho.. on the par 3 over water, I would never think swing easy or take a little off so as to not go over.. that's a recipe for dumping in short into the water. I'd rather go to a lesser club like PW instead of a 9 , and make a full out swing at it.

    10. I used to play right towards the flag on my approach shots when I was younger, it produced lesser greens hit, nowadays I am more conservative with my approach shots and I am now aiming towards the middle of the green every time. Now I am hitting more greens than ever before and getting a lot more birdies in my rounds recently.

    11. Kudos for the video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you considered – Paneevelyn Swinging Clubsman (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for revealing an effortless golf swing technique without the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend at last got great results with it.

    12. Great video with valuable information, but your killing the game/speed of play. The typical 20 handicapper sees this and thinks he is going to be abetter golfer and ends up taking too much time; 3, 4 or more practice swings, etc.  Stop the madness!

    13. How can i get a swing analyse? I have been playing for a couple of months however i feel i have come along fairly quickly. Thank you

    14. I played my first 18 holes of golf and now I'm addicted. I never realized how much fun golf was until now. The intense focus and dedication it takes excites me. This channel is full of info and has been so helpful! I was wondering where should a person look at the golf ball before hitting it. Like at the back of it, the middle, front or depends on the shot? I'm just looking straight down on top of it… is this correct?

    15. These guys may be good but I can't get past the matching outfits is that really necessary or is the mario kart look planned.keep up the good work luigi and mario.

    16. I've used many of the other videos to help my swing, but this video puts a lot of things into perspective.I like the emphasis on realistic goals, center of the green location & having a plan. These are important components many of us weekend warrior golfers never really focus on because of the struggle just to fix our swing. Great video guys.I enjoy watching all of your videos.

    17. Great video. When you say knock it down I take it you mean grip down the club a little and shorten the length of the back swing?

    18. Gents, just shot 9 over off 18 handicap (might've been lower but for beers and slow players) and beaten my best score ever comfortably. Thank you so much for your consistently great content and tips, they've helped so much.

    19. Rick shiels don't charge his fans to watch a whole series maybe you should try it I would start watching you again if you put ALL your vids on YouTube but for now it's a unsubscribe I'm afraid

    20. The biggest thing I've learned this summer is that you can do NOTHING about the shot you hit. Only the next one. Changed my headspace, lowered my score.