Golf Match With CIF Champs and Pro

Golf Match With CIF Champs and Pro
    This was fun. Played a match with some really good young golfers. Harold (pro, just turned 20)
    Andre (HS Sophomore) and Andrew (HS Senior) David (tpi trainer) and I played a team match. The day after this match Andrew and Andre won CIF (a very big deal here in california) they have a stacked team and have worked very hard
    NOTE! These Guys won the next two stages of CIF tand qualified through the 3rd, this week they are in the CIF State final tournament with just 5 other teams. Amazing accomplishment so far and winning the CA state championship would be unbelievable.
    Andre & Brendon
    Andrew & David
    Harold the pro in on our team for the first 4 holes and on Andrew and David's team for the final hole.
    Andre and Andrew won the first stage of CIF (California High School Sport Association) the day after we shot this. Then 2 days later they won second stage, wish them luck as they go for the California state title.
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    only available for a few more days.
    This is the tripod I use when vlogging with my iphone
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    1. I really can't focus on your narrating when you're also talking on your vlog. either mute the vlog so I could hear your narration or you don't narrate and just let your vlog talk

    2. I feel like you should slow down your back swing and keep your body a bit more firm, that's why you are getting lot of uncontrolled shots, also i feel like in your back swing you should try to keep it one plane swing because at the very end it looks like you are swaying back even more, that is a real bad habbit ( should try to pause there gently) , or either use two plane swing but really you need to work on your back swing and posture. all the best.

    3. Much better when it comes to your chipping, nice acceleration through the ball. was a really nice match came all the way down to the last hole.

      You played pretty decent just need to work on the alignment of your shots. Started aimed too far right and came over the top and pulled it some of the time.

    4. I see you pulling most of your shots. If your alignment is to the right of the target your compensating just fine. Maybe not the correct way, but it can be equally effective if your have an idea of your misses. Good video!

    5. Love the channel man. I believe I played against the two guys at CIF! But I'm nowhere as good as them haha just an average 80's player. Never even in the 70's. But I enjoy it so that's all that matters. Keep up the good work!

    6. Talented family right there. I often see dad coaching them. My understanding is that Harold did a year in college with a golf scholarship but decided to turn pro. Maybe you can do a video about a day in a life of Harold's daily process.