GOLF, How to Shoot Even Par, Every Shot Vlog

GOLF, How to Shoot Even Par, Every Shot Vlog
    I played golf at Lakewood Golf course with some friends. We were playing a Ryder cup style match. (fourball) Everyone plays their own ball, you take your team's best score on the hole.
    The teams were.
    Tyler (high school Golfer, white pants) &
    Brendon (me, red doogleg hat)
    Justin (college golfer) &
    David Rutkoski (TPI fitness trainer, multiple clients on PGA and LPGA tours)
    I have been hitting the ball well at the range and I was eager to take it to the course. Big difference here was I actually did a proper warm up and hit half a bucket of balls and some lag putts.
    This was shot with a new vlogging camera, let me know if you guys like it. I also got a much better tripod that doesn't slip so it makes vlogging golf much easier. 
    check it out 
    In addition to me one of these guys goes to Monte Scheinblum for golf lessons, can you tell? Comment a guess below.
    THANKS so much for watching!
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    1. You start rotating back towards the target to start your downswing too soon at your transition. You should keep rotated away until the club head moves out to it's maximum arc travel line before turning back to the ball. Sergio describes it as pulling downward with a church bell rope. To me it feels more like allowing the left arm that is now resting across your chest, to just allow that left arm to drop away from the chest with gravity momentarily, which because you are bent over that club head moving outward and downward actually adds width to the club head arcing motion or travel. That momentary drop without any manipulation will actually set the line of attack back into the ball's position, that is wide and coming from slightly inside of the target line. What that does is it keeps the inside attack line when you rotate the lower body explosively about 40% and shoulder line to about 25% towards the target, at impact. If you watch your swings, you are coming over the top slightly. It is very apparent. That same swing executed properly from behind the ball, one that you don't start by turning into the shot so soon, you'll start creating a move aggressive free wheeling shot or path really, that a full follow-through not only feels better for it, but becomes the natural energy release because it will sync up your swing and give it a ton more non-restricted feel to your shots. When you learn to stop jumping back towards the ball to start your transition, you then find that you are now unlimited to explode more easily into the shot. If you learn to be more patient at the start of that downswing, you'll be able to easily finish every swing. You'll shoot straighter and longer for it. It also gives you the opportunity to stand taller and lose the creation of excessive side spin. That drop before you turn into the shot adds width to the arc travel. You can set and maintain the radius of the club head travel through impact for it.

    2. 2.33 iron shot, you take it away on the inside and then rely on a unique move to bob your hands up shifting them on to the correct plane before making your move to hit, this is quite easy to get wrong, you have a tendency to over do it and end up coming over the top of the ball more than anything else. you need to keep your hands outside as you begin your swing to stay on plane throughout your backswing, feel like you use your left hand to start the take away, keeping the club head outside the ball for as long as possible , when you can maintain that feeling no longer allow your left elbow to fold slightly, try to be connected, turn your chest away from the ball as your left arm moves past the midway point on your backswing and into position. This will improve your X factor and give you the confidence in your swing and extra distance your missing. watch Rickie's first shot on this video and notice how he stays outside as he initiates his backswing (he often reminds himself after his set up to do this by taking the club away checking his hand position to make sure they're staying outside before settling down to play) this allows him to know that once he gets this right he can turn away confidently and hit the correct spot without having to correct an inside takeaway before making his move to power through the ball.

    3. Is this tour first youtube even par round? Congrats! I only have made par on 9 holes once but from middle tees. Putting was also on fire that day. Can't wait to see the putting program.

    4. you guys are playing fourball not foursome. foursome is 2 guys playing the same ball with every other shot to the hole is finished and every other shot from the tee regardless of who putted last on the last hole. dont meen to be a troll.) love your channel.greets from norway

    5. Your ball striking looks more solid. Looks like you need to continue with ninja drill as hips still lead. How many misses were left and how many faded? I wish I could put that good.

    6. Killin it man! I would agree with you and your follow-through. It looks like you're dumping everything down and just giving up on it. I always think of Rory Mcilroy when I'm trying to work on this. Watch any golf swing he's ever made and you'll notice how deliberate and balanced his follow-through and finish is. Or any high-level player for that matter.

      I also liken this to something a good basketball player once told me. He noticed when I was shooting I was kind of like flicking the ball at the hoop. He told me to follow-through and pretend I was dipping the tips of my fingers down into the basketball hoop. The action is very deliberate and is aimed towards a very specific intention. Works like a charm.

      Keep posting awesome vids man. It really is valuable for all of us.

    7. It said "neg" in the description but I'm assuming you meant new vlogging camera.
      Video was very good and I enjoyed watching the match. You made allot of putts!