Geekvape Tsunami 24 Review, Wicking & Giveaway (CLOSED)

Geekvape Tsunami 24 Review, Wicking & Giveaway (CLOSED)
    Bigger IS better! If you want to try larger builds that is...
    In this review I explain the Geekvape Tsunami 24, show you my flat Clapton build, wick it, and tell you how you can win a Tsunami 24 RDA in the giveaway. 
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    1. i use the 22 tsunami since 18 month and its still one of the best(for me)simple to wick,place for big wicks juice depot.what you want more.and next time please play some blues for us with your nice giutar.its look likes my so i think its a yamaha?BR from Germany,Marc

    2. I have Tsunami 24 and I have 26/32 clapton. I do make 5 waraps on 3mm and dual coils. The results always come out like 0.8ohm or 0.7 however the problem is it gets super hot even it low watts. I couldnt pass 27w with that build i am talking about since it takes 6 seconds to warm up I dont know why.

    3. nice review. really liked your Clapton education video, you broke down how it works very well. I think a name for the flat/ribbon wire wrapped with high gauge a staple coil I believe someone can correct me if wrong.

    4. Hi max I have the limitless but Broke the glass and am waiting on a 5 pack frosted glass from fasttech the limitless is a fantastic RDTA the flavour is awesome and great to build on

    5. Too much hype on this one. I live in a humid climate. Whenever I came inside to air conditioning it would piss all over my mod. I wound up trading it for a Limitless. Side airflow is better than bottom airflow. Additionally, there is not enough room for cotton in this thing. You have to drip a lot more. Plus, after very little use, the top o-ring contacts and becomes useless. Again, it will piss all over your mod.

    6. Hello! I'm curently using TF-RDTA and i'm building fused claptons myself, i would like one huge driper like Tsunami 24 to make even bigger coils and squize it in! Thanks!

    7. Hey I love your review and other Stuff. But i Have a request. I Have the setting griffin25 with the Reuleux RX200s. Could you Make a video about TCR M1, 2, 3 cause i want to use them For kanthal. but i dont understand the value numbers. I search For it and found numbers. But i still dont understand. Can you please clear things up?! So i Can see if i want to use it and if I want, how i use it safely!! Please let me know. Thank you 😉

    8. +Geekay Vapes pls i really want to win help me out you the man your videos are quite long but honest and quite precise and specific keep up the good work you the best and dont stop making videos

    9. Thank u for the giveaway! I got my fingers crossed for this one cuz i could use a new RDA. Ive been wanting to try this one out an now after your review makes me want it even more. Good luck to everyone!

    10. What I just realized my comment from three days ago wasn't posted oh well maybe I missed it in all the comments either way great reviews and the tsunami is so popular in the vapeing community it doesn't need to show off its logo and science it's on the inside it gives you the excuse to show your big coils.