Geek Vape Tsunami 24 RDA & Giveaway (closed), and Vapor Jerry's Skipper Eliquid

Geek Vape Tsunami 24 RDA &
    GIVEAWAY CLOSED: We have a winner! Jody Lee Hughes from Michigan takes it this time. Well, they have 48 hours to reply...if they don't, I'll select another winner. Congrats Jody, and stay tuned for more great videos and giveaways!
    Like the original Tsunami RDA? Then you'll likely love this one!
    The eliquid isn't released yet apparently. It will be out soon on and if you sign up their newsletter, you'll get the notice on it as well as big giveaway they're doing with the release. 
    Everzon has it for 29.99 here:
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    1. hate this rda new 1 with window ,,,me i dont think there enough space for wick n the bottom airflow no good 4 squonking ,,,hate it hate it hate it,,im gonna crush it ,,

    2. So you would recommend this as a first RDA? Looking into rebuildables but the options are so overwhelming for a relatively new vaper… Would sincerely appreciate a reply 🙂

    3. hey tony… got one of this in SS love it because it has all the space to build plus give you great flavor but thats just me. thanks for the great review!!!

    4. Have you gotten your squonk pin to work? when I put mine in, the atty reads 0.06 no matter what coils I have on it or what mod I plug it into. I actually got 2 tsunami 24s and switching between the two still does the same thing.

    5. Tony what is your favorite rda out there? there's so many too choose from. I love my Griffin tank but my wife kinda claimed it. I will get another one of those sometime, but right now I'm looking for a new rda. thanks a lot for all your great reviews

    6. Great review as ussual. I hate the FDA and yes I called and sent my letters and went to Aug 8. any coupon code for Villain vapors I'm in love with Dillinger on your recommendation thank you for the great eliquid on Dillinger.

    7. Aloha Tony: I entered again for the third time to win the awesome Tsunami rda in black. You know hopefully 3 times is the charm. Win or lose though I just had to lol.🌴🍀

    8. Dude I'm from Australia love your channel but felt a bit ripped with the comp conditions. If I was to win one of these masterpieces I'd probably be happy to pay shipping because most of my gear comes from the States anyway & I have to pay shipping to do that.
      Maybe people outside of the USA might not mind paying the shipping so much if they are bying out of the States like I do. Just food for thought.
      Cheers for all the hard work you put in here, it's become my go to place to check out whats up & coming.