Geek Vape Eagle Tank, Griffin Mini 25mm rta, & Tsunami 24 rda With Glass – Mike Vapes

Geek Vape Eagle Tank, Griffin Mini 25mm rta, &
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    1. hi Mike. fantastic video. Eagle tank is awesome! Can i ask You a thing? your accent is particular… are you italian? i'm italian and not so trained in English accents But you seem like me when i try to talk English. i Hope you won't be offended by My question! Best regards

    2. Hey Mike, how is the juice consumption on the eagle? And if I got this tank how to control juice consumption with the juice flow? I am new to the RTA/RDA world.

    3. @Mike Vapes – question about the Eagle tank. You mentioned how it comes w/ the pre-built decks. For the person who just really HATES to pulse their coils, do you have to pulse them on the pre-built decks you buy from Geekvape? I myself love to drip on my rta/rda's but i HATE to pulse. Idk what it is but I just hate to do it. I actually get my shop to do it for me, but now since the dumb FDA regs came out, my shop can't pulse for me 🙁 so a friend told me about the Eagle and all the diff coil heads look cool. Love they have a .15 option – sweet! I'm a flavor chaser too. So curious on if i would have to pulse the pre-made hbc ones. I know how to build and do build but i just hate pulsing. Please let me know. thank you

    4. eey Mike..! i can surely buy it but i want that griffin 25 mini that will be coming from you…!! pls pls pls.. send it to me dude..! 😉
      BTW, i was expecting that Geek Vape simply shorten the Griffin.25 down to 3 ml of juice and make it cute.. tnx tnx 😉

    5. That shit Vaping problem it's like all over the world now, wtf that shit tobacco company's thinking. They pay all governments to f…. kill us Vapers and our culture. Sorry, that shit make me mad. Anyway good vid Mike keep on going and Vape o/

    6. I have the Geek Vape Griffin 25 Black with Top Airflow, I'm considering buying the Geek Vape Eagle Tank in Black without Top Airflow, I was wondering if the top section of the Eagle tank (the section that screws into the chimney from the top) is interchangeable with the Griffin 25.

    7. Love geek vape products, best tanks on the market #givemethatshit and big FUCKYOU to the FDA. Thanks to vaping I was able to end my 27 year long relationship with cigarettes – so for this I say FUCK YOU to the FDA. They should put more time and effort into finding a cure for cancer.