funniest clip ever!!! from last man standing episode animal wrongs

funniest clip ever!!! from last man standing episode animal wrongs

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    1. Missed joke. When Terrence said "the H is silent", I think it would've been funny if Tim said "I wish you were silent".

    2. Am I the only one who misses old Mandy? There is no way in hell that new Mandy could get the kind of laughs that old Mandy gets in a scene like this!! "You married him?!?" — classic!! Let's see new Mandy top that! Truth be told, it isn't just new Mandy that's the problem. The writers are to blame also. They really DO NOT know how to write for new Mandy. Who, if you watch both versions of the character, is sorta playing a different role really. I mean, they may share the same name and a few characteristics, but they sure don't act the same! And a lot of times when New Mandy is talking there is NO WAY those words would come out of Old Mandy's mouth. The opposite is true also. Take this scene for example, at the end, when Mike reminds her of her curfew. Can you picture New Mandy pushing her way back inside, exploding with frustration, trying to get the last word in? Uh, no, you can't. And neither can I. Get rid of New Mandy. Adopt Kyle. Beg Eve to sign on for a full season. And someone, for the love of God, tell fat Kristen to put down that Ham sandwich before she chokes!! That's how Mama Cass died, you know?

    3. Let the little snot nose leftist, tree hugging, holy than thou, animal loving vegan go … Mommy and Daddy just bought him a new BMW … his Mercedes was getting a bit long in the tooth … plus it's way past snowflake's nappy time ….

    4. I loathe Tim Allen. I would not have come to this clip if the thumbnail showed his picture. If I met him, I would want to stomp him into hamburger meat with bone chips in it.

    5. The only good sitcom on TV. The father is not some blubbering fool like all other shows. Culture is severely lacking in strong Father models. Mike Baxter is king among a sea of fools.

    6. This was funnier when they did the very same skit on the Cosby show 30 years ago. Now it's just pathetic and funny to only retarded Republicunts, just like Tim. He used to be somewhat funny on home improvement now he's just a sad, whinny Republicunt bitch. Also why his show got cancelled.

    7. While I love this scene the quality of the rip is awful. Audio tracking is poor and the the video quality doesn't hold up. Then, there is the "I'm too poor to buy software" tag in the middle of the screen. Really?

    8. They can say whatever they want to say. This was just another notch in the belt for a liberal slash democratic bias. Great show. Can't we move right even a little bit it seems

    9. So many favorites! I loved the Halloween episode where they all dressed as each other. I got the impression that perhaps they hadn't really seen each other in costume prior to filming, because you could see them (especially Molly Ephraim) trying to suppress laughing when the next character entered. I enjoy the outtakes, because you can see that they really enjoyed making the show, and had fun doing it.

    10. I love this show ,but liberals,felt threaten by a number one show,I wonder how,much money they lost,by cancelling I am glad Its back. and I am still a Trump supporter,Trump 2020 .

    11. you must mean this is the funniest clip ever from this lame show. The clip was lame, but looking at tim allen, this was his best work: damning with faint praise.

    12. This is one of the funniest comedies in recent times. Tim Allen is just so funny, and Eve and Mandy were perfectly cast too. Although I don’t know why the girls give their mum such a hard time all the time. Vanessa is intelligent, elegant and infinitely more beautiful than at least two of them. They treat her like an ugly old fuddy duddy when she actually kills it in her career, dresses well, and is smoking hot. Kristin and Ryan are complete duds and a total bore by comparison. They should give Vanessa better lines and some real comedy, instead of just having them picking on her ALL the time for a few cheap laughs. I would love having a mum like Vanessa. It makes no sense that they hate on her so much and never want to be around her.