Family Abandoned This Woman When She Decided To Marry A Black Man 70 Years Ago, They’re Still Together Today

Love is truly a power that can withstand almost everything. Even though we see couples go their separate ways in years or decades more often than not, some married couples withstand the obstacles for years and years to come until death do them part. One such couple is Mary and Jake Jacobs, whose love story has charmed thousands of people online.

Mary and Jake’s marriage is not only charming for the fact that it has survived for more than 7 decades, but it also showcases what love can do against all odds. Mary is a British woman, while Jake originally hails from Trinidad. The mixed-race couple fell in love back in the ’40s when Jake was serving in the UK during World War II.

Just a few years ago Mary and Jake Jacobs celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary

Jake had to leave Mary behind once the war was over and he had to return to Trinidad. There, however, he realized that he’d grown accustomed to British culture and missed his beloved Mary, so once the opportunity to return crossed his path, Jake returned to Mary and didn’t look back.

Their story, shared by Keith, recently went viral, drawing attention to their love and struggles

Image credits: BBC

Unfortunately, things weren’t easy for the couple back in the day and their relationship was met with prejudice not only from complete strangers, but also from Mary’s family. When the woman expressed her wishes to be with Jake and marry him, Mary’s father disowned her. Despite all the odds, Mary and Jake married in 1948 and the two have been together ever since.

Image credits: BBC

Image credits: BBC

At first, the two found it very difficult to find a place to stay as many landlords refused to rent a house to a black man. With time, however, things got better, and as slow as progress was, they had each other to rely on. Now, still happily married, they serve as inspiration for dozens of interracial couples all over the world.

Here’s how people reacted to Mary and Jake’s story

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