Facebook Has A Dangerous Glitch!!! (Also A Potential Breach Of Data Protection!!)

Facebook Has A Dangerous Glitch!!! (Also A Potential Breach Of Data Protection!!)
    Tommy's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/tommylambert
    My Facebook has developed an issue, a potentially dangerous one, that's showing random pictures instead of the one that's supposed to be there!!  This is both potentially dangerous, and a possible breach of data protection!!
    My social media :
    Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/groups/330119
    Twitter : http://twitter.com/RetroGamerVX

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    1. I had the same problem with google  uploading my pictures from my phone, a Pakistani family was sharing the same account, and I was getting wedding photo,s and allsorts of pictures of this family .Ended  up disabling picture uploads

    2. That's rather strange. Also I've just noticed you've removed me from Facebook, well it means I can swear again so I'm not complaining :).

    3. Facebook and privacy…!?
      I think if you pretty much put anything personal or private on the internet it can be accessed, so don't post anything you don't want others not to see 😉

    4. Facebook is one massive, built-for-purpose, data protection leak. Facebook was part funded by the CIA in rye early days. Doesn't matter how careful you are; if you use Facebook, you are volunteering ANY info you put on there, as public. You are opening yourself to manipulation by government and corporation. Sounds sinister, but deep down, you know it's true. Using the world's best known data mine is your choice.

    5. could be a server glitch, and I've never had this happen with the pictures changing like that, but my g/f has had 3 of her accounts hacked, and taken over, yet Facebook would not do jack all about it. I had too make her a whole new account the other day because it, it got too the point where it would not let her friend people including myself, and she had too keep resetting her password too get into the account, seemed like someone kept on changing it on her cause even I tried the passwords, and they would not work, only the single time after doing the password reset would they work. Hell she even has a long time Yahoo email account that was hacked that we can't get into but it sends me random spam about once a week usually either for penis pills, or a trip to Jamaica LOL!  I seriously think it might be her ex husband, but we can't prove it. 

    6. I actually had a strange issue on Facebook as well a few hours ago…

      I posted a screen-grab of some schematics from a JPG, but Facebook posted the grab of my entire desktop(s) from the Print Screen button!!?

      I'm not sure how that's possible yet, since I re-uploaded the very same image again and it worked fine?

      I think there is something dodgy going on due to an update as usual.

      I don't even have another JPG on my desktop which could have caused the problem, so it's lucky I wasn't watching something naughty on the other monitor. lol