Face To Face With Hurricane Ivan

Face To Face With Hurricane Ivan
    At 51 minutes after midnight on 16 September 2004, the northern eyewall of powerful Hurricane Ivan (see landfall ) moved onto land near Gulf Shores as an upper Category 3 hurricane (Saffir-Simpson Scale). The official time of landfall was 2:02 AM CDT (ie. when the center of Ivan's eye crossed land). Bringing with it 130 mph surface winds and a historic storm surge, preliminary estimates show that the magnitude and extent of the damage and destruction over Baldwin County Alabama and Escambia and Santa Rosa counties of northwest Florida likely exceeded that of both Hurricane Frederic (September 1979) and Hurricane Opal (October 1995). Additionally, Hurricane Ivan was very close to the magnitude of damage and destruction caused by the Hurricane of 1926 which ravaged the aforementioned counties east of Mobile Bay. Hurricane Ivan caused a preliminary total of 13 deaths in the following counties combined: Baldwin County, Alabama, Escambia County, Florida, Santa Rosa County, Florida. Damage over 5 billion dollars.

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    1. Where IS Channel 33 & 40 located for those who don't live there & are watching this ?
      Newsmen & women are heroes too because they stay out in these storms to inform people and let them know the damage, the extent of disasters, and what to do both before and after.

    2. This storm actually came into the Pittsburgh area and just decimated it. I was really shocked it was the first time I've ever seen a hurricane hit in my area. Roads flooded cars underwater it was crazy it looked like the rain was just like one solid Mass that's how fast it was coming down

    3. I remember this. I was 7 years old when it hit North Carolina and the one moment I remember is trying to sleep and looking out the window and seeing the trees outside bend down so hard from the wind to the point you can see the interstate next to my house some 10 miles away. I remember the sky being as red as blood and the lighting and thunder being so loud to the point is shook the whole house. I since moved to another town. But damage from Ivan remains there to this day.

    4. my mom was preagnet with me thinking she was going to go in labor while the storm was hitting but good thig i was born after the storm

    5. We were living in Cantonment, FL (you all know it as the place with the stinky paper mill on the way to Pensacola from Alabama) and evacuated to my sister-in-laws house in Bessemer.  This is memorable not only because of the storm, but because this is when I found out I was pregnant (suprise!!  Try reading a pregnancy test by candlelight) with what I found out a couple months later, were my twin boys.  They were born April of 2005, and no, I didn't stick the name Ivan on either one of them!!  I can't believe it's almost been ten years since this happened.  Ugh, I can still remember the smells

    6. i lived in seale Alabama at the time we had a ef2 tornado tuch down 15 min up the road from us iremember my mom running into my room at 3am when it was getting bad scary night