Even Dogs Are Annoyed By Younger Siblings (87 Pics)

No one will ever feel your pain of being an older bro or sis, unless they are one. And contrary to what they say, it’s not always fun. The truth is, younger siblings are annoying little creatures who get away with anything.

Luckily, these woofers are on our side. Bored Panda has compiled a list with painfully hilarious, yet all too relatable dogs who got their nerves played by their infant siblings.

And for those who ask how come hoomans and doggos are BFFs, well, this is the answer right here. They get it.

#1 “He’s A Little A***e” – Walter On Max

Image credits: maxwalterandjo

#2 He Loves His New Sister

Image credits: PamelaNeary

#3 My Boyfriend’s Dog’s Reaction To The New Puppy

Image credits: HarroMongorian

#4 It Was At This Moment Hank Regretted Asking For A Little Brother

Image credits: chovieplaysguitar

#5 When You Lose The Receipt To Return Your Little Sister

Image credits: bouncyivy

#6 Dude Just Got A Sister. It’s A Bit Of An Adjustment. Meet Boo (On The Left)

Image credits: emilylydian

#7 If I Stay Still Maybe The Pup Will Go Away

Image credits: Jennifer Lubinski

#8 Eva Isn’t The Biggest Fan Of Her Sister Touching Her. Sheba Just Wants To Make Sure She’s Okay

Image credits: evadiva_n_sheba

#9 This Was The Day We Got Our Dachshund. Jack, The Boston, Is Not Sure What To Think

Image credits: exmormonwheelman

#10 My Dog Not As Amused With The New Puppy As We Are

Image credits: diamondbro43

#11 “It’s Happening Again, Isn’t It?” – Walter

Image credits: maxwalterandjo

#12 Her Face Says It All

Image credits: Patti Bueno Jolly

#13 “Who Else Ruined Their Older Dog’s Life By Getting Them A Younger Sibling?” – I Did

Image credits: Em Cone

#14 The Look Says It All

Image credits: Kari Amble

#15 Charlie Loves His Big Brother Cliff

Image credits: theshelljar

#16 Annoying Little Brother

Image credits: MyrtyGert

#17 My Sister Sent Me A Photo Of Her Dog And New Puppy. Man, That Face

Image credits: MrsShyster

#18 Like Please Take That Thing Back

Image credits: Dustin Berryman

#19 Little Help, Hooman?

Image credits: Josh Swanlund

#20 Little Brother Is So Annoying

Image credits: StephAg09

#21 Does Anyone Else Have An Ear Chewing Problem In Their Home?

Image credits: BOHOGYPSY

#22 When You Just Woke Up And She Wants To Play

Image credits: myfurmonkeys

#23 Apollo: “Dis Is Not Da Toy I Wanted.” Aurora: “I Is Not A Toy!”

Image credits: lolo_and_rori

#24 My Six Year Old Pyr Milo And His New Baby Brother Rumi

Image credits: aliaschicnine

#25 My Older And Smaller Dog With His Younger And Bigger Sibling

Image credits: TheChemineau

#26 “Goblin Is Annoyed” – Walter

Image credits: maxwalterandjo

#27 Who Else Ruined Their Older Dog’s Life By Getting Them A Younger Sibling?

Image credits: Chaya Breslow

#28 Younger Sibling Car Trip Mischief. She’s A Cute Jerk

Image credits: ladybadcrumble

#29 My Older One Just Looked Like That Most Of The Time. She Was Not Happy About Her Brother

Image credits: Rina Tong

#30 He Loves His Little Brother, I Swear

Image credits: Amy Demarest

#31 Sibling Rivalry

Image credits: mmahan62

#32 The Moment Daisy Regretted Wanting A Sibling

Image credits: wheelog

#33 Jax Loves His Big Brother/Chew Toy

Image credits: sarcasmicw0nderbread

#34 This Is A Comfy Seat On Big Brother’s Head

Image credits: Vanitas1603

#35 Yes, Rosco Has Ruined Riley’s Remaining Years

Image credits: Ellie Clarke

#36 When Your Little Brother Is Being Annoying, But Your Mom Is Standing Right There

Image credits: 19Margarita98

#37 Little Luna, Annoying The Crap Out Of Her Big Sister

Image credits: Syrial960

#38 “This Thing Is Eight Weeks Old… How Did She Beat Me?!”

Image credits: Yamamaya

#39 Kinsley Loves Her New Seat In The Truck. Her Big Sister Isn’t At All Happy About It

Image credits: SelfInflictedPancake

#40 I Heard My Older Lab Crying And Came Out To Find His Little Brother Blocking The Stairs

Image credits: vmabney

#41 Abby Is Being So Patient With The New Puppy

Image credits: RRT2017

#42 Little Brothers Can Be So Annoying. I Promise They Love Each Other

Image credits: dreamomara78

#43 Annoying Little Sister

Image credits: Jennanana

#44 How Your Dog Feels When You Bring Home A “Cute” New Puppy

Image credits: Pelchkresk

#45 There Are Two Dogs In This Picture

Image credits: thunderpope13

#46 Friendship Is Annoying Each Other And Thoroughly Enjoying It

Image credits: the.husky.hut

#47 Are You Going To Just Sit There And Let This Happen?

Image credits: jed_loves_june

#48 It’s A Sibling Thing

Image credits: oakley_fish

#49 If He Could Talk I Would Swear He Would Say “Make Her Stop Touching Me”

Image credits: erinsdoggrooming

#50 Watson Thought If He Just Didn’t Look At The Problem It Would Go Away

Image credits: Melinda Wiese

#51 She Looooooves It

Image credits: Megan Price

#52 He’s So Tolerant With Our Younger Dog

Image credits: Maldag

#53 Our New Dog Pepper! Sarge Is A Little Confused Though

Image credits: CJ_Booby

#54 Not Sure How My Dog Feels About Her New Foster Sister

Image credits: pokeemintheeye

#55 When Your Little Brother Is Getting Bigger Than You

Image credits: SamiFox

#56 Reggie Is The Perfect Big Brother, But A Bit Tired. Helping Me Take Care Of A Puppy Is Exhausting Work

Image credits: AlphaKester

#57 Little Brother vs. Big Sister

Image credits: N546RV

#58 Sometimes Big Sisters Are Too Patient

Image credits: NickCageMatch

#59 Big Brother Is Resigned To Have A Jerk Little Brother

Image credits: Suicidalsidekick

#60 Someone’s Not Happy He’s Been Promoted To Big Brother

Image credits: cgh23

#61 2 Of My 4 Danes, Honey The Giant And Cookie The Crushed

Image credits: Foghorn755

#62 Little Brothers Can Be So Annoying

Image credits: gingpo

#63 When You Annoy Your Big Bro

Image credits: jessisthebestjess

#64 Naya Has Found A New Seat To Sit On. Getting The Best View In The Truck

Image credits: island.view.girl

#65 I Got The Post Bath Zoomies But She Has The Post Bath Snoozies

Image credits: zephyr_the_golden

#66 Old Boy Is Heckin Annoyed At New Girl

Image credits: Christycreams

#67 Clearly I’m The Fun Sibling

Image credits: rocky_4paws

#68 Pupperino Does A Happy (Good Luck Big Brother)

Image credits: camrudwaffle

#69 Even After Almost 5 Weeks With My New Family, I’m Still Trying To Win Over My Big Brother. It’s Going Slooow. On The Plus Side, His Ears Are Yummy

Image credits: gentleman.blue

#70 Help

Image credits: Katelin Nagy

#71 And In The Continuing Saga Of “Younger Siblings Are The Absolute Worst”

Image credits: jtthomas1371

#72 Piper Is Very Happy To Have Her New Big Sister. Penny Is Unsure

Image credits: akatie97

#73 Just Relaxin On His Brother

Image credits: webreakingup

#74 Never Seen A Puppy Happier To Bother Her Big Sister

Image credits: RedditTrollin

#75 When You Get Caught Bullying Your Younger Sibling

Image credits: TheePoloman

#76 Older Brother/Younger Brother Relationship In A Nutshell

Image credits: AmericanToffee

#77 He Likes To Play With His Big Brother. Big Brother – Not So Much

Image credits: lucamurgia

#78 Here’s Little Gordie With His Big Sister, Darla, Who Is Very Clearly Over It. She’s Been So Great About Not Being Rough With Him, Even When She’s Annoyed

Image credits: MadBeard

#79 The Face You Make When Your Mom Makes You Bring Your Little Brother With You

Image credits: Kaitlyn Amendola

#80 I Went To Join My Grumpy Big Bro In His Bed For A Snuggle. Don’t Think He Liked It

Image credits: ray_therescuedach

#81 The Face When You Just Woke Up And She’s Already Yelling

Image credits: aivynnguyen

#82 Every Sibling Ever

Image credits: AimingForFreedom

#83 The White One Is The Older One If You Couldn’t Tell

Image credits: Sara Hallgren

#84 That Moment When You Regret What You Started With Big Brother

Image credits: lifeunderthestars

#85 She Still Has No Respect For Her Big Brother

Image credits: Smump

#86 Archie’s Little Sister Is A Bully

Image credits: ketowarp

#87 Definition Of Little Sister

Image credits: thatll_dew_pig

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