Ethiopian Suri Stick Fighting – Last Man Standing Part 2

Ethiopian Suri Stick Fighting - Last Man Standing Part 2
    Six intrepid athletes travel the world to compete against the most remote tribes on earth at their own sports. The world's most brutal form of stick fighting. It's insanely dangerous; no outsiders have ever before taken part.
    The idea is to use a seven-foot pole to knock your opponent down, draw blood, or make him give up.
    As far as the rules are concerned, that's about it.
    Tim Pyke, Last Man Standing Production Co-ordinator in Ethiopia

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    1. Hey Sabityp

      I dont suppose you have any of the other episodes? Or can tell me where i can get them from at least? It is so annoying. I want to watch this show again but it doesn't exist anywhere!

      On another note, it was cool to find this one at least. So, thanks for uploading!

    2. Great video documentation works by your channel. I really like it. Regards. Gurukulam communication are also promoting kalaripayattu the traditional art form of kerala must visit & Suggest us. Thank you .

    3. Thanks for putting this up… I was so annoyed when they took this show down… it was such an amazing show. Does anyone have a spot to download this series? Season 1 and 2?

    4. احفاد الاستعمار جاين يتسلوا في مزرعة ابوهم اي نعم هذه وفود لدراسة هذه الاقوام لكي يسيطروا عليهم بطرق اسهل وهم يستقبلوهم بفرح وغباء بس يدخل الفاس بالراس بيعرفوا انهم كانوا اغبياء

    5. Not like I know Joey personally, but this guy really puts me off. He seems quite intelligent and that's all great, but he is such a complainer, short tempered and has no genuine respect for people that are different from him. HE'S the one that chose to come into these people's home. They are treating Joey with respect, but Joey is too much into himself to realize how much of a d&%# he's being. Very unattractive. 

    6. you dont have to be insulting dude- despite the bad press, every culture on this planet shares similiar qualities. I notice those suri stick movements are similiar to medevil sword fighting movements. they use 7 ft sticks. europeans used long swords, but the purpose in fighting was the same, to keep your opponent at a distance and attack him before he attacks you.

    7. there is still no dvd version of this can you please upload these in single video files I'd like to download them or send me a copy please.

    8. lol "first time im seeing the mother land and im sick"
      the white guys should of said "yeh im enjoying it here in the motherland"
      because we ALL stem from Africa.

    9. "you have a cow, you have a wife… you have a lot of cows, you have many wives…" damn, I never thought that I would want to have many cows before…

    10. 4:30 anyone find it hilarious that everone is laughing happily and this the guy with the AK is shown laughing with them, haha 🙂

    11. "Danga, which littelrey means gentleman's equipment"…….And then one of the guy ask why he's got the smallest stick…….Hahahahah, i absolutely can't stop laughing b/c of what im thinking in my head when he said that. I'm Sooo bad! LOL it's funny though

    12. Can we get some real martial artists to do this, an athelete isn't a warrior of battle but of sport, big diff.