EQUIFAX DATA BREACH & TDA ACCOUNTS / secret federal reserve trust accounts

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    1. Title 31 CFR § 363.30 What actions may Treasury take if funds used to purchase a security were credited or debited in error or through fraud?
      (a) If Treasury sustains a loss because the funds used to purchase a security were debited from an account at a financial institution from which the TreasuryDirect account owner did not have the right to authorize such ACH debit entry, we reserve the right to redeem that security from the account and use the proceeds to reimburse Treasury for the loss. If such security has been transferred to another TreasuryDirect account, we reserve the right to reverse the transfer, redeem the security, and use the proceeds to reimburse Treasury for the loss. If such security has been redeemed or has matured and the proceeds paid to the account owner, we reserve the right to take any action that we deem appropriate, including redeeming other securities remaining in the account and using the proceeds to reimburse Treasury for the loss.

    2. They say when u sign up 4 protection it opps u out of the lawsuit. So please read between the lines. It sounds definitely like a inside job n three jus sold their exifax stocks… sounds fishy

    3. Willow, you're spot-on … again … whether or not we see the connection, much less understand why, the 2 incidents ARE connected.!.
      The people who set up the systems we're waking up to have set them up for 'their' benefit, not ours and to change the system in this information age means any changes will be seen and that's unacceptable to them as any changes would be an acknowledgement that they're in the wrong … power LOST.!.!.
      They'll rarely go after individuals, but they will if they deem it necessary for the maintenance of said system & you've crossed the line by playin' in 'their' sandbox.!.!.
      Watch your back Willow cuz they're watchin' you.!. Remember the FB conversation with your 'Mom'.?….. when you go out just be aware of your environment because these people are the epitome of evil.!.!.!.

    4. .Intresting that you've brought this up, one of my family members received a letter in the mailing telling her that she can be apart of the lawsuit and to go online or call. She said she has called and got no info!!

    5. YES! They are trying to scare us off by alerting those who don't believe this is real. If you fill out an ID theft report they can hold on to your accounts. Why? Now they can claim your the fraud trying to gain access to the trusts they hold. My ex got told this because 20 years ago he filled a ID theft report.

    6. Good morning Willow well I really don't like technology I never put my information on a computer I don't own a computer you see I like doing things the old school way I don't like giving out my information I am so far underneath the radar so good luck anybody trying to find out my information because there is no information I only exist on paper as far as bank accounts never owned one in my life my money is safe right in my pocket I don't trust the bank I never did I don't trust any government branch I don't care who they are I keep a low profile for a reason the less the government knows about me the better I kind of like the want to be the fly-on-the-wall I hear everything see everything but they don't know I'm there that's the beautiful thing about it but everybody who likes computers who likes to do wire transfers banking online that's how they get you that's how they get their information you don't own a computer you never put your information on the computer or any computer for that matter they would never get your information but everybody loves technology and that will be their undoing as far as I go is use a cell phone I don't like computers they can't be trusted so everyone go ahead use your computers do all your stupid things you do on the internet on a daily basis and that's how they find you I guess I'm an old soul who likes doing things the old school way yeah is an inconvenience but the old school way is the best way to do it because you don't have no computer tracking you or any of that mess but you have a good day Willow

    7. Yes Willow, suspiciously curious that this would happen now??? So much conspiracy going on behind the scenes. Much Much more to this story and deep digging is necessary. Thank you for all of your investigations! and keep up the great work!

    8. Walmart corporation takes out life insurance policies on its employees, when they die Walmart Cashes in the policy and keeps the money, they pay the premium for the life of the policy. Do you think that money is Walmarts or the family of the deceased?

    9. Hi Willow… I was only wondering why are people still concern with what ever "those people" do to our strawman. Aren't we supposed to be awaken from this false life? Our "strawman" information has been shared over and over again and again. The TDA is proof of this. How many accounts has been opened using our given birth number? Probably Equifax is just a distraction because I doubt a company that big wanted to be on the spot light. I called Tmobile concerned about a bill… a person from the Philippines answered the phone. The other day I called UPS about a delivery and a person from India answered. Our "false identity" is all over…. that guy on the news said "a commodity', and he doesn't know that he also is a commodity. It just a matter of waking up from this nightmare of life…. Thanks much…(ps …love your channel)