Earthquake Indonesia Tsunami Warning

Earthquake Indonesia Tsunami Warning
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    1. You are a very intelligent woman.  I believe that only open-minded people are open to all this info.  Most will dismiss it.  I am observant as you are, the signs are right in front of us….too bad most folks find it easier to think it won't happen to them.  We are all susceptible to Mother Nature.  I really enjoy your videos, keep them coming.  May you be blessed.

    2. Connect with your center, realize that you are only passing through here, and this is not the end, but it serves the purpose of waking up your consciousness. Don't fear. This is a great Birth.

    3. Thank you for your wonderful work telling us updated information!it's very helpful.I don't what makes you do these kind of things but I wish that you are always safe and your family too.Bless you in the name of Jesus..

    4. water
      – get reverse osmosis system

      – get hurricane lanterns for light as well as heat

      – get canned ORGANIC food or dried beans, peas, rice

      – air filter if you can! spider plants give off oxygen and do well indoors!

      – kids books that are NOT demonic and indeed a KJV!

      Blessed BE 😀

    5. I live in Venice, California and felt the 3.6 the other night at 11:20 p.m. Actually, several books fell to the floor (but I have a lot of books stacked on my shelves). For weeks I've been telling people that we're unfortunately overdue for a bigger quake:( Strangely, a neighbor of mine laughed at me when he saw me hauling extra bags of bottled water to my apartment last week. As for Japan, I lived in Tokyo for several years…I'm not too worried about them when it comes to social disorder. Their culture is one that when any type of disaster strikes…looting, rioting and such are just NOT going to happen. Overall, crime is pretty low on a day-to-day basis. I wish more societies could follow their example. The Japanese are not perfect however, they have the most cohesive and mature society when it comes to conducting themselves in the general public when a natural (or otherwise) disaster occurs. I've lived in Europe and traveled quite extensively internationally. It's really too bad most people cannot be as responsible and mature. Respect for one's fellow man (meaning women as well) and proper cultural social cohesion go hand in hand. I would say the latter leads to the former. This is one reason why all the recent (and unnecessary) importation of the Mohammedans into Europe will only lead to more social upheaval and criminal violence. Very unfortunate…

    6. Please speak about why you mentioned Indpls IN. I too have had a reason to be concerned but thought I was being paranoid. My heart dropped when you mentioned it. Please if not in this forum I can email you.

    7. I am noticing no birds, I live in Las Vegas NV, the birds in the tree next to my window used to wake me up just after day-break, they were loud, would get upset with them waking me up, now there are none. Does anyone else notice this?

    8. Seen a lot of anomalies on Mimic..Been watching for a while and this is the first time I have seen so many of them all over the the place…praying there are only glitches..:( but I have a feeling there not

    9. Yes you got that Right Australia Next they haven't been chemtrailing for a couple of weeks now must be on holidays The ring of fire is right on our doorstep and I'm presuming we will soon have earthquakes and tsunamis here everyone take care