e-dubble – Last Man Standing (Freestyle Friday #54)

e-dubble - Last Man Standing (Freestyle Friday #54)
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    target cart is hard to push beaming, 
    racks on racks on racks you can't see me
    hustle for the credit, my debit is un-seemingly 
    i'm sippin' on that hard til' my devil is a genie
    cuz' off ten grand, I tripped, got greedy 
    2 step rep, black tee, why me? trees-
    blowing out the maxima... I can't see
    ......But THEY SEE ME
    rap lyrics, my spirit is ungrounded
    Black Paisley is us cuz' we found it
    keep hands off, or boss you'll get grounded 
    I play nice til' I get pushed...
    then it's off to the motherfucking races
    more black friends than white, more gay than straight
    so who's shaking?
    shook ones rolled on- we roll deep the twenty twelve death-row-records, with more conscience
    2 tone rebel, grayscale maims so I'm off my color wheel shit, and insane
    or so says the doctor, but fuck that asshole, I'm off PAXIL I cracked my shackles
    so I'm back in this motherfucking bitch, dick feeling 10 times longer than it prolly ever is
    I'm not one for bragging brashly, but on the humble I banged 2 girls named Ashley (octave down 5)
    pitch me down till' I put em' on they (ass-cheeks_)
    incendiary commentary, I'm a (gasss leak)
    "e-dub how you livin?" what they asskkkk me)
    "pretty good, baby girl. what's yo' asssss need?_ bleeped out real high/low
    I'm on top of every hill even when I'm falling down (down) low
    -flushing every pill cuz' the nature is my sound (sound) high
    -smoking megan's goods cuz' it helps to slow me down
    when my mind is racing, I lean on myself and family 
    throwing elbows, rights and lefts Spencer Hawes in the paint I pick up what's left 
    while I stunt in my Grammy pose, my two tone polo knit sweater- straight from the Goodwill
    I'm cold blooded, used to be nice but that's done with
    depression made me hard, gleemon- NEX'D ugly 
    shouts to the gamers, euro-teenagers,
    I get love from the truth and whose shameless
    waiting for a bad review, keep waitin' 
    I'm too live for that shit, and impatient
    ...check up on some hipster girls who might blog in Fishtown
    it's no problem... BANG, I use bloggin'... BANG. in a metaphorical way cuz' I'm BOGGLED
    by the type of, stupid shit that we love...
    and how I'm guilty Simpson... of that new dub
    So we keep changing, huh, rearranging, huh
    til' we beaten down so hard we're just aimless 
    numb from the pain so forget about beef...
    Black Paisley 2012, World Metta Peace 
    Two tone rebel, grays don't fades
    I know I'm from the future and the future looks great (robot)
    I wear my P cap, I'm never gonna trade 
    I love Charm City getting busy on a train

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    1. rest easy e dubble you brought so much happiness to my life and got me thru the hard and i wish we could have thanked you for being you and honoring us with your amazing music you will always be one of my number one hero… thank you

    2. I was so excited for Friday

      Because I get off school uh hell no FREESTYLE FRIDAY

      I still can't wait for fridays and it's still not because I get off of school is because ik hes singing freestyle fridays from above

    3. we might have lost a great brother but his music still exists! We still have his lyrics, melodies and songs! Whats the sense of beeing sad about something you can´t change? lets be grateful that he gave us these masterpieces

    4. Alright, I've just gone through the entire series, and I've narrowed down some of my favorites. (No order)
      Hampden Parks
      Hard Bargain
      Night Table
      Cool Like That
      Loosen Up
      Cold Stars
      Space Rivers
      Last Man Standing
      Grown For A Minute
      Rest in piece, legend.

    5. Homeboy you need JESUS/YESHUA/LIVING WORD minion!!! That's too bad you are out for the demigods you mindslave puppet for your father at this time the devil. Regrets you'll have a few guaranteed if you dont get right. – DUMMY UP MINION!!!!

    6. I know Im from the future and my future looks great ?RIP Edub Ill always listen to your songs even when im 80 years old

    7. RIP E-dub, I can't even count the amount of times I listened to this playlist. He has affected my life tremendously. I am so grateful that I stumbled across this amazing music from this amazing man. Your memory will live on forever in the community that you created and the community that misses you. I can't wait to see this video reach 1 million views.

    8. E-Dubs changed my life. His music saved my life. Listened ever since the free style fridays were still being pumped out, i had the honor to talk to him on Twitter, sadly. I never met him. I always preach his music to everyone i know, thank you for great music evan, im getting a tattoo to honor his memory, meant that much to me.

    9. I still get goosebumps everytime i listen to you, i can't believe that it's already been a year since you passed away… Feels like yesterday.

    10. If you can throw up half of your body’s blood and not die right there hen you deserve immortality…Sadly life doesn’t play fair and we lost one of the greats…This year fucking sucks. Remember him as he was.