Dog Gives His Owner A Mild Heart-Attack When He Finds Him Lying Covered In ‘Blood’

Our pets sometimes scare us senseless. Imagine walking into a room and seeing your dog lying on the floor on its back, covered in a sticky red liquid. The horror! But like the Sherlock Holmes that you are, you bend down and taste the liquid. It’s not blood—it’s fruit! Silly doggo!

That’s exactly what happened with Gody the Corgi. His owner photographed Gody lying on the floor like someone from an episode of CSI. It turns out that Gody gorged himself on dragon fruit, rolled around in the remains, and pretended to be dead.

Gody was completely fine, but a lot of internet users did a double-take and some of them were scared that the pupper had been hurt. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with Gody’s owner!

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Oh the horror!

Owner found his dog lying on the floor, all covered in red sticky liquid

Gody was completely fine, but the Corgi scared a lot of internet users

It was just dragon fruit all along!

Gody’s owner explained that the Facebook page is named after the Corgi’s mother. “This page was created for Candy a while ago. I want to share all the fun moments of my dogs with everyone to bring them some joy in their busy days.”

According to the owner, Gody is just 2 months old! “Because he’s a baby, like other baby dogs, he likes to get himself dirty and sleep a lot. He also loves to eat fruits.”

Gody’s owner also told Bored Panda that this was the very first time that the puppy ate dragon fruit. “I found that very interesting so I took photos of him,” the owner said.

We were curious to know how Gody’s training is going. The owner revealed to us that the puppy’s training is “still in process” because he is so small.

The Corgi has his very own Facebook page where his owner documents his adventures

It’s not the first time the dog pretended to be dead. So dramatic!

Gody has over 74k followers on Facebook

This Corgi just loooves watermelons

Gody lives together with its owner in Vietnam and has his very own Facebook page. More than 74k people follow Gody’s hilarious and adorable adventures. Meanwhile, Gody’s run-in with dragon fruit amassed over 11k likes and over 8.8k shares on the social media platform. In other words, it’s obvious that people love Gody’s shenanigans!

A lot of people confessed that they were shocked when they first saw pictures of Gody. They only calmed down when they saw that the dog was up and about, full of energy, and just a mischievous (and hungry!) canine.

If you want to get a Corgi but don’t want it to eat all of your condiments, you have to train it well. However, Corgis are very strong-willed and can be difficult to train. But that involves its owner acting as a true leader.

Corgis are pack animals, so if you don’t establish and maintain dominance, they will walk all over you. Corgis will constantly test you to see what they can get away with. So owners should establish clear boundaries and rules. It’s actually useful to look at Corgis as tiny teenagers who will push your buttons and try to get away with things they know they shouldn’t do. Like eating all of your dragon fruits.

Here’s what people had to say after they saw the pictures of Gody

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