We had a great time out at Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Resort in San Diego, CA.  We both have played this course a lot of times but it's one of the local favorites.  Mike played pretty well today and shot a one over 73, while I struggled and shot 13 over, 85.  Rough...  
    I made some changes to the format by including the score and also tried out the zoom lens on a few shots.  Let me know what ya'll think and we will keep adjusting! 
    Regarding the giveaway, Kohtallo, you are the WINNER!  Please email me at so I can get your address and send out the Kirkland golf balls.  
    Here's how to enter the giveaway for a dozen Kirkland golf balls AND a voucher for 2 at RB Inn:
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    2. Hit a thumbs up on this video
    3. Leave a comment 
    We'll pick a winner and announce it in the next video. 
    Our new website is up and you can vote on the next course we play here:
    Really appreciate all the support from everyone and welcome to our new subscribers!  
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    1. Your videos have improved sooooooooooooo much over the years. Better cometary, better stats on the shots with each player as well as shot trailers.

    2. Love this channel, hope you guys continue to grow and document various courses. Love the high quality imaging as well as seeing the courses from an amateurs point of view. Keep at it

    3. You guys really have me hooked! BUT pleeeeease fix your focusing! You're always blurry while background is in focus. Sometimes your lens seems to hunt for focus, zooming in and out ever so slightly. Drives me nuts. 😀 Otherwise keep up the good work!

    4. I found your channel because I subscribe to BeBetterGolf and found your collaboration. I like it! I played RB on my first golf buddy trip in 1990 when I had just taken up the game. We played a bunch at Temecula Creek as well. Lots of fun.

    5. Marko, you should make a video talking about how you guys got into the game of golf. Would be cool to hear more about your golfing journey. Keep up the great work!

    6. First video i saw a little bit back i thought this was another popular golf channel until i looked at the sub count, was generally surprised because of how good the content was!!! This channel can easily blow up with how good the content is if you ask me, really entertaining.

    7. Another great job guys. Thanks for taking us through the RB Inn. I've had the pleasure of playing there a few times and your Vlog brought back some great memories. Looking at the downed trees and the way the water was rushing tells tales about the crazy weather the west coast is getting hit with.

    8. (sorry for my english i am not a native speaker) i watch a lot of golfvideos and vlogs. yours have the best pictures by far. beautiful filmed, drone shots…very nice. BUT i see a bit of a leak with the content. i think thats the reason why it doesnt have so much views. i would like to tell you what i think without beeing offense. i really like how you filmed everything. with a bit more content it could really have a break through. so let me tell you what i think, whats missing for a really good channel with a lot of viewers.

      the main thing is very simple: its impossible to follow exactly your golfround!!! for example at 3.50min: you play a par 3. there is such a beatiful bunkershot, but did he hole the put and saved the par??? whats about the missed put at the end, what was it a par put a bogie put??? was there a break, was it an unforced error or difficult put?? nobody knows!!! other example: you explain your bad lie in the rough and what you gonna do. thats ok. but then there is a cut and i dont see the result. as a viewer i cant tell if the the decison was good or bad, i cant learn from it and all the tension is gone!!!

      every golfround tells a story. the story about up and downs, about decisons, about luck and bad luck. its exciting!! but when you dont show us the results of your shots, and your up and downs on the course, the hole tension is gone!! I WOULD LIKE TO CHEER WITH YOU!!! But i cant!!!

      also there is no special content i can learn from. many things your are talking between is without any deepness. another example: one guy talks about his new driver (in the the torrey pines vlog), that it feels good. but he doenst say what kind of driver it is, and what exactly makes him feel good about it. because of that the message is without any meaning. you understand what i mean? its beautiful filmed, you guys seem to be very nice, but its all in all very superficial. hope my critic is gonna help you.

    9. Really good videos coming from you guys! Deserve way more subs although no doubt you'll get a lot more in time! What do you make of the Kirkland balls? Wouldn't mind some myself;). Like, subbed and shared, keep it up!

    10. lmao Matts music intro lol. by far best video you have made. I was laughing at all the crazy crap going on. good round of golf. tell mike he needs a tan lol. keep playing with that guy and you will be scratch soon. and he needs to give you more strokes thanks for sharing again. always fun watching the videos. also send a box of Kirkland's this way. I have to try them out.

    11. Love your drone shots dude! You do a very nice job of keeping the shadow of the drone out of the shots, kind of a pet peeve of mine haha. Did I see a Callaway Epic headcover in Mikes bag? Thank you for adding the links to the music you used! Keep up the great content!