Coach Carter Team Development

Coach Carter Team Development
    Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning

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    1. How the trainer states best basketball players and Tatum never played so how did he get part ? I played this school and just a bunch of show boats no real fundamentals like the high school kids today one for one self like lamelo ball playing over seas playing against a bunch of no namers just to get into NBA, if he's playing over seas that means he couldn't hang in America so he went overseas, like other NBA players they could not hang so they went to act like they were the shit in another country because more $$$$ shows how much these people really care about the game

    2. I know this is a basketball movie but this movie changed my life as a Football/Soccer Coach especially with me coaching in after schools in a not so good neighbourhood and keeping youths away from trouble in the streets and here I am with my Under 8’s Football Team inspiring and motivating them to achieve results in our Sunday matches 👍🏾⚽️

    3. If it was possible, I could watch this movie 100 times a day, & I’ll never get tired of it. Love this movie. I was lucky enough to have a football coach that was just like coach carter.
      My coach didn’t care about us having a winning record or anything what my coach wanted was for us to become better future workers, husbands & fathers. & the way coach carter coached those young men, you can tell he wanted the same exact things for them. For that I’ll always love my coach for changing my life, & I’ll always love coach carter too.

    4. What you do in your youth determines your future.
      Have fun young adults but never forget that a harsh and undelightful future awaits you if you don't prepare yourself.

    5. Real life doesn't care what color you are as a man, only your ability. It's sad that governments and all the media reports about is racism and you guys eat it up like cornflakes in the 50's. Then you go live your life and almost forget about racism day to day when you have to interact with people from all races, every couple hours at least…