Clip from Last Man Standing – High Expectations – neighbours car egged

Clip from Last Man Standing - High Expectations - neighbours car egged
    Last Man Standing S02E03

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    1. YouTube has removed monetization option for small creators like me, it would be a huge help if you subscribed. If I can get 1000 total subscribers, YouTube will reconsider my channel for monetization.

    2. 0:26 .. my wife gives me that look a LOT. :))

      What’s hilarious is she gets terrified of racial humor but most people love it and despise PC language … Black and white alike. If you’re truly friends and love each other, you can have fun.

    3. I’m a pretty left leaning guy, but I really like this show a lot. I can relate to this show since my uncles are all pretty conservative, so it kind of reminds me of how it used to be at their house. It’s also interesting to see something from another perspective, instead of some of the moral posturing that can happen in some left leaning shows.

    4. Too funny. I grew up in Detroit in the 70's. A black family moved in across the street. Their son (who is a year older than me) and I would play catch in the street and hang out together. Richard Pryor was popular at the time and Eddie Murphy was arriving on the scene. Thought nothing of black/white 'relations' and all that PC crap. I even loaned a young black kid my bicycle to use for my paper route once. When I went to retrieve the bike, he was fixing the tire because it had a flat.

      Good people are just good people.

    5. Seeing that an issue in the show was on this episode, I'm going to bring it up. Do you think Mike was being unfair about Eve wanting to quit Soccer? She was getting burnt out of it anyways which probably tells me that she was not liking it anymore and you shouldn't be forced to continue doing something that you don't like anymore, even if you are good at it because then you're going to resent it later in life. I especially love how Mandy the middle and not so bright child of the family put Mike in his place about not letting his kids quit; because he let Mandy quit things all the time and yet when Eve wants to quit soccer he acts like it the end of the world, he was making a big deal about Even decision that he was not paying attention to Mandy good news about her auditioning for a solo in choir. I'm conservative too, but if my kids don't like a sport that they're doing despite that their good at it. I'm not going to let them continue if there not happy with it.
      Don't get me wrong I love the show, and I find Tim Allen and I do love his character and humor, hell I love Mike Baxter more than Ryan (never liked Ryan, don't know why, maybe it's always because he's in your face type of liberal), this is just one of the few times I couldn't agree with Mike.

    6. This is a brilliant scene, it's so much better to open and honest about race, rather than use the approach his wife did

    7. The "whites enslaved us" trope lost credit to me when all white nations abolished slavery and the blacks still enforce it. In fact the only race that still has slavery and cannibalism are black. So the blacks shouldn't be pointing the finger any fucken where.

    8. Gosh this show was awesome! I am glad it is back after the PC police got it shut down on ABC. Thank you Fox, I can't wait for the new episodes to start coming in!

    9. How that young "LIBERAL" white girl started the movement. That is so that you will stay happily on the plantation and vote Dem.

    10. Only mildly racist it's the 21st century I have white add black friends my neighbor is Latino in my whole life I've never had a cringe worthy awkward first meeting like this maybe it's a white conservative thing don't know

    11. They should have left this show on. Reminds me of all in the family but 2018. The right wingers deserve to have a program for themselves….i would watch it.

    12. Typical script written by a white hollywood liberal faggot that panders to the black audience ala the Archie Bunker sitcom in which the whites are viewed as well meaning bigots, never addressing the anti-white racism of the blacks that is a reality of every day life in America. Reverend Wright, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Sharpton, and all the other "Reverends" of color, disapprove and condemn this anti Black Thugs Lives Dunht Madder" message.