City of Santa Rosa – Press Conference: Heightened Risks Related to Incoming Rain

City of Santa Rosa - Press Conference: Heightened Risks Related to Incoming Rain
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                            Date: November 11, 2017
    CONTACT: 707-565-3040
    Press Conference: Heightened Risks Related to Incoming Rain in the Fountaingrove Area
    SANTA ROSA, CA – On Sunday, November 12th, the City of Santa Rosa will host a press conference on the potential impacts of incoming rain in the Fountaingrove area, and provide important information for area residents. The City has identified sections of storm drain that were destroyed by the recent fires, and initiated an assessment with county, state, and federal partners to determine how the damaged infrastructure will affect the area with rains in the forecast. Fountaingrove, as with other areas affected by the recent wildfires, has increased risk for landslides, sinkholes, and other rain-related issues due to debris, damaged infrastructure, and missing vegetation.
    Who: City of Santa Rosa officials
    What: Storm drain infrastructure damage assessment information
    Date: Sunday, November 12
    Time: 1:00 pm 
    Location: Auditorium in the Person Senior Wing at the Finley Center, 2060 W College Ave, Santa Rosa

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    1. If this is just an “emerging situation”, who and what has been working in the Santa Rosa Valley since Oct 11, 2017. From what I could gather, FEMA and CALTRANS have partnered to form an Army of Engineers Corps that has been rocking Tera Firma and staying busy turning our surrounding hills and the Valley floor below us, into Swiss Cheese by installing a new infrastructure of under ground utilities and putting in huge culvert drain pipes systems in order to enclose and protect our public water source of the major water sheds areas to prevent contamination to the run off from the huge burn sites into our streams and tributaries which drain into the Russian River when the first heavy rains start in earnest. These teams have been doing a lot more than just doing assessment of a few plastic pipes which may have burned in Fountain Grove. The work crews are comprised of a cast of at least thousands of workers. Their size of heavy equipment they use is mind boggling with some the size of a medical buildings. They are a fascinating ballet to watch preform. Seems most of their dance comes only after night fall, even tho they have been working 24/7 and were among the first to respond and grew in numbers each night since the Fires first started up until the fires were 100% contained at which point they began to slowly dwindle in their numbers.. These teams were also very instrumental in helping put out the fires with their armada of hundreds upon hundreds of bulldozers in the earlier days of the fires. Their work they have been continuously performing for Santa Rosa and the surrounding communities, has been invaluable and must have been probably coasting a price which only the Federal Government could afford to pay. It has to be in the billions of dollars. Heard tell that these works will run well into the year 2018. I for one am grateful to have such impressive team work turning our cities into much safer and even more beautiful Cities in which we may live into the modern times of designs. I think they were right when they said Santa Rosa will never be the same, just did not expect it to be for the better and much safer Santa Rosa which is going to be the out come of all this work in our neighborhoods. It just gets real scary when your house starts to rock, roll and undulate to the rhythm of the huge cranes they use. But this is just what I have been able gather from the public meetings and my Press Democrat subscription for the daily e-paper which lately has been an excellent source of accurate reporting choosing the right topic about the aftermath of the firestorms in a most timely chooser manner.