Caught on Tape: Tsunami hits Japan port town

Caught on Tape: Tsunami hits Japan port town
    New video released shows the moment when the tsunami hit a small Japanese port town.

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    1. Le feu on peut l arrêter mais l eau jamais la nature fait ce qu' elle veut on est faible devant cette puissante nature mon dieu quelle souffrance pour ces populations qui subissent ces catastrophes que de morts que de chagrin de douleurs

    2. @38 seconds when the camera pans left you can see several structures and a Person on a roof. At 2:45 everything and everyone has been washed away. How tragic! May God bless them all.

    3. yes, the guy on the roof, and you can hear the woman in the building, and just that fast its over. In the times of crisis we all have a very bad habbit of underestimating the situation. People want to stand about looking, and or take video and pictures when they should be doing all they can to save themselves. One can only imagine all the people that had died in these 4 minutes . Although truly not a place one would want to be i do see that of all things, japanese cars do fair well given the situation. Most float, and remain upright. Given the unlikly odds of surviving on foot and swimming, which is likely impossible in such waters. your best bet may in fact be to ride it out in a car. Its more than a poor gamble but its far better than any odds of surviving in the water.

    4. This Japan Tsunami video is rare because it depicts a person who was swept away. We won't know if the building completely collapsed and the person was still able to stay on top of debris or if the building floated away intact so they could jump off later. Perhaps the person jumped into the water and tried swimming for it like I would do being an expert swimmer? Anyway I wanted to know what happens to people getting caught in the water because I saw in two OBEs an even bigger catastrophic event coming to us who live on the other side of the Pacific. A land movement so incredibly large the whole ocean seemed to just vanish from the shelf and then a terrifying tsunami wave returning that looked over a thousand feet high. I was put in the midst of it (future) with full memory of everything back here. I think now the Japanese as a whole might not be strong swimmers that could help me with answers and it might even be possible that they always turn cameras away because they automatically assume anyone going into the water will not survive and therefore be shameful to film.

    5. Just like September 11th 2001, and 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami…..

      I NEVER get desensitized watching footage of this tragedy. It is absolutely heartbreaking to watch still in 2019/2020😥