CATS in SPACE – The Band – 'Last Man Standing' – Official Video (from debut album "Too …

CATS in SPACE - The Band - '
    The follow up single from CATS in SPACE band. Taken from the exciting debut album 'Too Many Gods' landed on Earth October 2015... a song about the demise of London's Denmark Street (aka Tin Pan Alley), the hub of the British Music scene since the 1900's.
    CATS in SPACE are - Paul Manzi, Greg Hart, Steevi Bacon, Jeff Brown, Andy Stewart and Dean Howard.
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    1. Cats In Space – I was expecting to thumbs down this one and was pleasantly surprised. Don't judge a band by their inability to choose a cool name! Lol.

    2. great song dont know mutch about these guys got the album bassist jeff brown played with sweet for 16 his recent solo album 23 yrs.keep rocking guys

    3. You guys kooky Rock. Keep up the good work. Can hear ELO, BEATLES, JOURNEY AND CHEAP TRICK, and QUEEN ♕. Carry on Rocking you are going to be bloody huge.

    4. Just when my patience with the melodic rock genre is at an all time low along comes an album like this to restore my faith. Brilliantly catchy with nods to E.L.O. Jellyfish, Queen, 10cc and New England. This is the album you have been waiting for all year (or longer), absolutely essential to any melodic rock, power pop rock, AOR , heck anyone who loves great hook filled musics collection. MIGHTY impressive first effort and QUITE viable candidate for 2015's Album Of The YEAR

    5. I don't think there has been a musician alive who has not stood in a music shop and looked up at a guitar and wished they could afford it….I have been certainly been there.

    6. ……as one of my oldest friends' father just quickly passed on week before last, promoted records for Tin Pan and, before that, Warners (got The Cars, who were nominated for the R&R HOF day after his passing, signed to their first contract, and Maria Muldaur a gold disc for "Midnight In The Oasis" 3 years before that, as well as put Sparks on the map with "Wonder Girl") this REALLY hit me HARD… I put it on my Facebook wall, simply OUTstanding, guys;) Especially LOVE the solo's harmonizer tone and, of COURSE, vocal harmonies…..

    7. looks like this is the year for nostalgia, all this 70,s ie two bbc shows in cradle to the grave ,the Kennedys, new squeeze  album and new ELO on the way  , and TOP OFF WITH THE CATS IN SPACE ALBUM  the 70s live on

    8. wow made my day love the 70s feel to the vid . it goes hand in hand with your retro sound of the 70s , and  to top it off a 2nd song that's stands side by side with mr heartache  in  a all round  high top production,  guys you nailed it again

    9. Don't forget Cat fans..if you leave us a nice comment here about any of our videos, we pick a few out from time to time and send them a special 'Cat goodie' through the post…PURRR-FECT!