Bruins-Sabres Game 2 Highlights 4/17/10 HD

Bruins-Sabres Game 2 Highlights 4/17/10 HD
    Game 2 of the playoff series between the Boston Bruins and Buffalo Sabres, on April 17, 2010.  The Bruins won, 5 to 3.
    0:00 Chara knocks down Kaleta
    0:11 Boychuk nails Kaleta
    0:16 Myers scores on a deflection by Begin, 1-0 Buf
    0:43 Ellis scores on a backhand, 2-0 Buf
    0:59 Vanek is injured after sliding into the boards
    1:41 Begin runs over Ennis
    1:50 Chara dumps Ennis into the Bruins bench, end 1st period
    2:15 Ryder scores on a deflected shot by Sobotka, 2-1 Buf
    3:01 Chara scores from Bergeron, 2-2
    4:01 Pominville scores on a Lucic turnover, 3-2 Buf
    4:43 Paille danges past Myers but Miller makes the save
    4:58 Ryder and Ference collide, both were OK
    5:23 Ryder scores on an odd man rush from Ference and Wheeler, 3-3
    6:25 Chara scores while Krejci screens Miller, 4-3 Bos
    7:12 Tallinder turns it over to Bergeron but Miller makes the save
    7:23 Grier gets a breakaway that is stopped by Rask
    7:47 Ryder drills Sekera
    8:16 Begin misses an open net
    8:26 Recchi tips the puck past Lydman and scores on the empty net

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    1. @NHLfan96 the first three of the cups the bruins won were when there were 6 or 7 teams in the league, big accomplishment. the last three 70,72,11 i consider those accomplishments…

    2. I was at this game. Amazing. I'm a Sabres fan but there is nothing like the playoffs. I swear Pominville scoring the goal to take the 3-2 lead was the best moment of my life haha, went ape shit. You win some, you lose some. Boston choking kinda made things better but still hurts. Chara was dirty sometimes but everytime he hit anyone a Sabres fan would sayy it was dirty. But hey were Buffalonians we actually care about hockey unlike some other fairweather fan bases…. such as the… nevermind.

    3. Sabres had their chances on the power play, so I don't know what you guys are whining about! Boston's penalty kill was 100% this series! Go Bruins!!!

    4. @jayblob716 no i wouldn't because it's always a penalty….it's either slashing or high sticking…'ve never seen a guy accidentally hit another guy with a stick and get 2 minutes?……i really don't know wtf ur trying to argue anymore but it's making less and less sense…….boychuck got 2 min on the play

    5. @jayblob716 did u just say u can slash a guy as long as ur just trying to play the puck?!?!….ummmmm completely false……I'll just leave it at that

    6. @jayblob716 thats cause it was a clean hit…, with the new rule, it would be a penalty and suspension……a two handed slash to the knee is and always has been a penalty…..shoulda been a 1 game suspension or at least 5 min

    7. @dafoomie yep, the reffing is ruining th games…they shouldn't directly affect the outcome the games as much as they have…….both ways

    8. @ForHowManyCookies yup, but I feel they have been shitty towards both teams this series, rather then just shitty towards us. So no team is being handed this series, both teams get shit calls.

    9. @dafoomie I think both teams are getting unfair calls, so Bitevick you cant say we can't win cleanly, both teams had bullshit calls and the refs have made horrible calls the whole series to both teams, so don't give us that shit.

    10. @bostonbruins72 Yeah, New York has the most retarded, obnoxious, annoying fans in all of sports. Yankees, Jets, add Buffalo Sabres to the list. Only exception is the Habs, but they're special.

    11. @xTGFxCatch22

      LOLLLLL kaleta can't beat up Boychuk… he'll just take another dive probably. You dumb sabres fans should shut up, the refs have tried to help you out so much so far. Boychuk's slash was aimed at the stick of vanek anyways, it wasn't dirty. it's called KARMA. WOOO GO BRUINS

    12. @dafoomie
      and that bullshit tripping call came right after a blatant cross check from behind by a Sabre… yeah, the refs have failed.

    13. @BiteVick Myers's blindside hit to Boychuk's jaw, Vanek's hit from behind on Wheeler, Lydman's spear on Lucic, it goes both ways.

      By the way, Buffalo had 5 PP's to Boston's 2 in the first game, including a bullshit tripping call with 6 minutes to go that sealed the game. A call that a young referee made based on the crowd's reaction and not what he saw.

    14. @BiteVick the sabres r just as dirty as the bruins. Vaenk ran over Wheeler from behind in game 1. if anything the slash on the knee was karma

    15. @xTGFxCatch22 don't even try to complain about that. Vanek cross checked Wheeler from behind in game 1 and it wasn't even a penalty.

    16. @xTGFxCatch22 There was nothing special about the slash, it didn't even hurt him. He got hurt when he went into the boards.

      Its not like, you know, Lydman's spear or Vanek's hit from behind or anything.

    17. Way to step up Ryder and Chara. This is the kind of team effort the bruins are going to need, since we don't have any top tier superstars. If Tuuka stays hot and the bruins play hard they'll be able to steal this series and maybe more.