Bruins-Habs Game 7 2011 Highlights 4/27/11 1080p HD

Bruins-Habs Game 7 2011 Highlights 4/27/11 1080p HD
    The Boston Bruins eliminate the Montreal Canadiens with a 4-3 win in overtime on a goal by Nathan Horton, on April 27, 2011.
    1st Period
    0:20 Boychuk scores, 1-0 Bruins
    1:11 Krejci chance, save Price
    1:30 Recchi scores, 2-0 Bruins
    2:44 Ryder called for hooking on Plekanec
    3:25 Weber scores on the powerplay, 2-1 Bruins
    4:05 Marchand misses Hamrlik and drills Gomez instead
    4:17 Thornton is called for elbowing
    5:37 Subban takes a blatant dive, no call
    6:34 Kostitsyn is called for high sticking
    2nd Period
    7:45 Thomas makes two saves on Gomez and Gionta
    7:51 Eller is called for crosschecking
    8:27 Plekanec scores shorthanded, 2-2
    9:07 Krejci shoots a backhand over an open net
    9:15 Marchand passes up a scoring chance and gives the puck to no one
    9:30 Thomas makes a save on a breakaway by Halpern
    9:41 Boychuk drills Halpern into the stanchion, is called for boarding
    10:43 Thomas makes a nice glove save on the powerplay
    3rd Period
    11:14 Recchi swipes at the puck in front of an open net but can't score
    11:37 Halpern runs into Ference, stays down on the ice
    12:53 Kelly hits Hamrlik who stays down to draw a call, Bruins go up the ice and Kelly scores, 3-2 Bruins
    14:02 Price makes a save on Recchi
    14:22 "Lets go Bruins"
    14:38 Kelly gets a breakaway, save Price
    15:04 Price makes a save on Bergeron
    15:16 Thomas makes a couple of good saves on Wisniewski and Cammalleri
    15:32 Price makes a great glove save on Recchi
    15:45 Bergeron is called for high sticking Wisniewski after throwing his head back and pretending to check for blood
    16:33 Subban scores on the powerplay, 3-3
    17:26 Thomas makes a quick leg save on a deflection
    17:47 Thomas grabs a dangerous deflection from behind the red line
    18:04 Thomas makes a nice save on Kostitsyn
    18:20 Thomas stops another deflection
    18:40 Bruins and Habs trade end to end rushes
    20:10 The 3rd line gets a faceoff in the offensive zone to set up the OT goal
    20:46 Horton scores in overtime to win the game, 4-3
    22:44 Handshakes
    24:39 Thomas interview
    25:42 Three Star selections, huge hand for Horton
    26:29 More replays of the OT goal
    27:18 Cam Neely goes nuts with Jim Benning

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    1. That was such an emotional battle. Even knowing that Boston wins, it is still stressful to watch. My heart went out to Bergeron, getting that late penalty leading to the tying goal. I remember how stressed I was watching, especially being a Bruins fan who grew up in Montreal.
      Edwards is one of the best in calling a game, and this one is no different. Even when Price was making some of those incredible saves, the play by play call was so exciting.

    2. Watching this in 2019 waiting for game 7 vs Leeds tonight. Hopefully Bruins can find the magic they had in 2011 playoffs again.

    3. I could care less about the penalties in this game now but the NHL has a serious problem with officiating across the league. I was young at the time but I think the 1 ref system was better because that ref could be a lot more consistent. yeah theyd miss more calls and maybe only get the player who retaliated but overall it wasn't as random. Brad Marchand got a penalty for sending ice / snow at Carey Price in a GAME 7! (and in game 4 a Montreal player did the same to Rask but it was rightfully not called) The two man system is so inconsistent, choppy and kills the flow of certain games. you also have refs 55 feet away calling a penalty even though the ref 8 feet away with a better angle keeps his arm down. I also think challenging for offsides gets really annoying. Say Malkin and Crosby come in offsides on a 2 on 1 and score… im fine with them taking the goal off the board. but say Malkin & Crosby come in on a 2 on 1 and Rask saves the initial shot… clears it to the boards, Chara tries to dump it out but now the Penguins defensemen keeps it in the off. zone. now its a 5 on 5 within the penguins offensive blue line. after about 20 seconds they finally score. At this point it should be a goal,, the Bruins or any team for that matter had multiple chances to get it out of the zone or cover the puck. I think there should be a max 5 or 10 second time limit for those types of challenges.

    4. What a shameful year for the NHL
      All the bruins players who didnt get the suspensions they deserved and all the bruins goals that got allowed even if there were offsides during the plays