Bruins-Canucks Game 6 Stanley Cup Finals Highlights 6/13/11 1080p HD

Bruins-Canucks Game 6 Stanley Cup Finals Highlights 6/13/11 1080p HD
    Highlights from Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks, on June 13, 2011.
    1st Period
    0:14 Raymond injured
    0:43 H. Sedin misses a chance
    0:53 Salo is hit by Seidenberg
    0:57 3 on 2 for the Bruins, Krejci can't tip it in
    1:04 Marchand scores, 1-0 Bruins
    1:57 Thornton chance
    2:16 Lucic scores, 2-0 Bruins
    3:25 Recchi hits Edler, Burrows is dropped in front of the net
    3:40 Horton is shown in the stands
    3:54 Thomas makes a save on D. Sedin
    4:07 Peverley boarded by Edler, penalty
    4:41 Ference scores on the PP, 3-0 Bruins, Luongo pulled
    5:42 Ryder scores on a shot by Kaberle, 4-0 Bruins
    6:40 Crowd in Vancouver shown watching on jumbletroms
    6:46 Thomas makes saves on Sedin and Burrows
    7:00 Breakaway Hansen, save Thomas
    2nd Period
    7:33 Bergeron called for goaltender interference
    7:44 Sedin hits the post, Chara saves a goal
    8:01 Higgins drilled by Seidenberg and Marchand, Bergeron called for interference on a diving Kesler
    8:31 Burrows hit by Marchand
    8:43 Lapierre dumped by McQuaid
    8:49 Bergeron called for elbowing
    9:01 Chara clears the zone and chases it himself into the corner to end the period
    3rd Period
    9:27 H. Sedin scores on the PP, 4-1 Bruins
    9:50 Hansen hits the post, thinks he scores
    10:08 Krejci tripped by Torres, penalty
    10:07 Seguin crosschecked in face by Alberts, penalty, Bruins call timeout
    10:29 Krejci scores 5 on 3, 5-1 Bruins
    11:25 Lucic drills Tanev
    11:35 Lapierre scores, 5-2 Bruins
    11:45 2 on 0, save Schneider on Marchand, big scrum, Marchand punches D. Sedin in the face about 6 times
    12:39 Seidenberg called for crosscheck, 6 on 3 Vancouver
    12:51 Chara clears the zone, final 15 seconds, game over
    13:36 Felger talks about Horton being introduced at the Garden

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    1. Always funny seeing Roberto Luongo taking a shit In the Net. Especially after talking shit about Tim Thomas the game before when Vancouver won 1-0.

    2. It was a sad day in Boston when Luongo had to retire. Apparently the red light gave off so much ultraviolet rays over the years that Luongo got skin cancer on the back of the neck.

    3. I have never seen a series turn on a single hit like this before. Prior to the Rome hit on Horton, Vancouver was 2-0 and outscored Boston 4-2. After the hit, Boston went 4-1 against Vancouver, steamrolled them 21-4. Their only win was a 1-0 home win in game 5.

    4. I watched this just before Game 6 of the 2019 Stanley Cup Final and I cried, because I don't know what will happen this year, but the 2011 team makes me so emotional.

    5. Here for the game 6 hype again. Just because you’re down doesn’t mean you’re done.


    6. – Back when the Bruins were a more likeable team; even Marchand was more entertaining a player to watch compared to nowadays when he's acting more like an a$$ when he doesn't need to be that way. Marchand is a terrific hockey player when he's got his head on right. Also, No. 73 Michael Ryder, from Bonavista, was kind of representing Newfoundland in that series and he played great, especially when he got moved up in the lineup after Nathan Horton was taken out of the series earlier on. This was an extremely wild kind of series; the Canucks won their 1st 3 games at home by narrow margins while the 3 games played in Boston were blowouts in favour of the Bruins. Game 7 in Vancouver you just didn't know which team would show up on either side….as it turned out, the Bruins took their home-ice play to VanCity for Game 7 and outclassed the Canucks in their own barn. What a crazy Cup final it was that spring. 🙂

    7. Anyone who thinks it was intense in Boston, wasn’t in Vancouver in 2011. I’m a Vancouverite but not a Canucks fan, I’m actually a Habs fan with a soft spot for Boston because of Bobby Orr. Anyway, the riot in Vancouver was insane, this city went off big time. The Canucks are horrible and I doubt they’ll ever win a cup.