British Open – Johnny Miller + Seve

British Open - Johnny Miller + Seve
    The Open Championship  
    Tournament information 
    Location Scotland/England 
    Established 1860 
    Course(s) 2012: Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club, Lancashire, England 
    Par 70 in 2012 
    Length 7,086 yards (6,479 m) in 2012[1] 
    Tour(s) European Tour
    PGA Tour
    Japan Golf Tour 
    Format Stroke play 
    Prize fund £5.0 million 
    Month played July 
    Tournament record score 
    Aggregate 267 Greg Norman (1993) 
    To par --19 Tiger Woods (2000) 
    Current champion 
     Ernie Els (2012) 
     2012 Open ChampionshipThe Open Championship, or simply The Open (often referred to as the British Open), is the oldest of the four major championships in professional golf. It is the only major held outside the United States and is administered by the R&A.

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    1. Lee Trevino summed the players of today up perfectly. They play for the Money, They'll All Millionares.
      Several LOVED THE GAME, and would of played for free.
      You can be worth Millions today, and never Win anything

    2. JM was a a Mormon. After graduating from high school and before they enter college, Mormons are supposed to go on a two-year "mission" in another part of the country or world to spread the gospel. You've probably seen them, traveling in twos on bikes, knocking on doors. So did Miller go on a mission? Mormons are also required to attend Sunday school and church every Sunday. JM played on the Tour every Sunday when he made the cut. And later he would go onto being a golf commentator (NBC) every Sunday, as he is now. So how was he able to be a practicing Mormon (Member of the LDS church.) Johny did you stop practicing your religion? Just curious. I have nothing but respect for you as one of the great golfers of your era, maybe not so much as a TV commentator ("Rocco looks like he should be cleaning Tiger's pool).

    3. Miller got into a slump 1977 got out of it 1979 and then won Torrey pines Riviera ( where should have won again 1982 2shot lead 2holes to go & lost in playoff! He had the putting yips for years even 1976! His last win Pebble Beach 1994! His first win 1971 his last 1994! He was leading Masters in 1971 by 2 with 4holes to go! He was 11 shots behind Nicklaus Masters 1975 after 2rounds and missed Birdie putt on 18 to tie him! He was 1 of the Best!

    4. Seve and Johnny were great but the tour is tougher now then it ever was. The players are better today then they were in the 70's and 80's. Johnny and Jack are trying to build their legacy. Like it or not, Tiger in his prime was the greatest golfer ever. Although he is done now and not coming back.

    5. I was at the 1976 Open and, thanks to my ludicrous obsession with Tony Jacklin, I only saw Seve hit one shot, but it was THE one to see. His chip between the bunkers on the last, I was in the crowd that ran across the fairway. I'll never forget the groan as the crowd assumed Seve's run up was a duff, which then turned into a breathtaking roar as everyone cottoned on to the brilliance the shot in fact revealed.

    6. They keep saying that there is no one like Seve now, and even though he was before my time from what I have seen and heard……..isn't Bubba like that?