Brewers Vs Pirates Bench Clearing Brawl

Brewers Vs Pirates Bench Clearing Brawl
    PITTSBURGH, PA -- It was a good NL Central brawl these two teams are expected to be competitive rivals for the next few years. Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez and Pirates outfielder Travis Snider were ejected from a game Sunday afternoon following a third-inning brawl...
    Both benches cleared when Gomez and Pirates starting pitcher Gerrit Cole got in a shouting match after Gomez tripled off the wall with two outs in the third inning. Cole, upset with Gomez for flipping his bat after hitting the ball, stormed toward third base after Gomez slid in safely.
    Gomez took a couple steps toward Cole before players from both dugouts and the bullpens entered the field. Gomez and Snider shoved one another before Gomez fell to the ground. Pirates catcher Russell Martin had to be restrained by teammate Gaby Sanchez as he walked off the field.
    Brewers bench coach Jerry Narron also was ejected.

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    1. Gomez was not showing anyone up. He was slowing down to see if would be caught or not. There was no reason for the pitcher and third baseman to swear at Gomez.

    2. It was absolute B.S. that Gomez got ejected when none of this happens if Cole doesn't whine like he needs his diaper changed at Gomez because he thought he hit a homer. Give me a break. Man up and get the next guy.

    3. That was a stupid fight. Snider dropped gomez which was pretty funny. Then russell Martin got into it with Maldinado and he should have been let go to whoop him, that'd be great cause the other guy deserved it. And Snider got punched hard two different times. it was dumb, plain and simple.

    4. biggest joke ever, lol flippin your bat when it hits the wall gomez should just not let his ego get the better of him, now a bunch of brewer fans will be hating on me 

    5. Gomez and Cole should've known better than that,it's just a baseball game not real and PNC Park in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania isn't The Jerry Springer Show park,keep your hands to yourselves and play ball.

    6. Why do these guys bother???? It's baseball. You guys throw, catch and hit them because baseball players have no balls. If they had a sack lil crap wouldn't faze them.

    7. Most of the time these pitchers need to get over it. If the guy hits the ball off your pitch you threw a hittable pitch and he hit it. You lost. Just because the hitter is happy, let it go and move on unless he uses his mouth or really overdoes it.

    8. We'll maybe if that fucking Pittsburgh jersey boy would have kept his god damn mouth shut everything would have been fine. But noo mister jersey boy had to start something. He acted like the kardashians stupid and always itching to start something. That's all I have to say

    9. It is one of the unwritten rules of baseball that when you hit a pitch you do not; A, watch it, and B, fling or throw your bat. It's highly unsportsmanlike to celebrate your little personal "winnings". Gomez has quite the history of breaking that rule, and if I were Gerrit Cole, I'd been pretty pissed too.