Brewers 2008 Final Week Highlights

Brewers 2008 Final Week Highlights
    Highlights of the last week of the regular season in 2008 for the Brewers.

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    1. I will never forget Braun’s 2-run homer to send the Brewers to the playoffs for the 1st time in my lifetime. What a game and wish we could have kept CC.

    2. So I honestly was a little too young to remember this shit i think i was 9 years old but i cant remember for the life of me, who did we face in the 2008 wild card game? Because I remember facing the Philadelphia Phillies in the NLDS but i cant remember a wild card game, also looking up online they are showing me nothing

    3. CC Sabathia my all time favorite Brewer, he may have only been around for a few months, but did that guy EVER work his ass off. I know it was a contract year, but he risked getting hurt by going on two days rest multiple times for OUR team. I will always respect him for that.

    4. I don't know if I have ever been as happy as when Braun hit that home run against the Cubs. 1st time the Brewers made the playoffs in my entire life. Very special moment.

    5. I'm a brewers fan, but if even if you are not this was one of the most impressive endings to a season in MLB history. What made this more special is the brewers hadn't been to the playoffs in 25 years to that point.

    6. Proud to say I was at just about every one of these moments. No matter what, I will always stand by the Milwaukee Brewers, and I will always love Bud Selig not just as an amazing commissioner, but the man that made sure Milwaukee would have baseball. I'd say my favorite personal Brewers moment I attended would have to be Trevor Hoffmans 600th save… simply because he was the first to do it. But Morgans '11 hit in the NLDS was pretty good too. GO BREWERS!!!!!

    7. sebathia, hardy, braun, fielder. Thats such a good team at todays standards. I love seeing this just by how happy everyone on this team was to finally make it to the playoffs in years. Amazing

    8. I wish we never ever got rid of Prince Fielder. The brewers are just not the same anymore. Last year I was watching when braun and fielder went back to back. Just think we will never hear "Braun and Fielder go back to back" again.