Breville Precision Brewer | Sneak Peek

Breville Precision Brewer | Sneak Peek
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    1. What exactly is the difference between standard brewing and "pourover" mode? One has a 4 hole screen and one has a 3 hole screen but the machine essentially just spits hot water over coffee grounds in both cases. Isn't it honestly just a BS mode they slap on the flashy dial thingy just to say they have a pourover mode?

    2. They add in all these bells and whistles and lacks the ability to simply fill the tank to the max and simply choose a volume on the machine Instead of having to manually pour in and dose the water every time.
      That's extremely stupid

    3. I am drinking my first cup of coffee from my Breville thanks to your reviews. It is very smooth and delicious. It actually exceeded my expectations. Can’t wait to experiment with various beans and brewing methods. Thank you for your guidance!

    4. I'm looking for the best coffee maker under $300 and this one is on sale for $199 right now. Would you say this is the best coffee maker on the market? I don't know a thing about coffee nor do I drink I'm looking to get someone a gift

    5. I live in Saudi Arabia and ordering this from the US or EU costs too much and it's just a hassle tbh, little did I know that there's breville Saudi Arabia, and they have an online store too! Just ordered it and I can't wait! For anyone interested, it's

    6. This thing is garbage. Fake hot plate, the temp is NOT 195-205 (temp was 165 with digital thermo), I returned mine. Do yourself a favor and just buy the Technivorm Moccamaster.

    7. Looks really nice, but one thing about this machine is wrong, it states in the menu and is repeated by guest speaker that there is a "Cold" brew feature built in, this is true only in name ! After checking with the company, the water is delivered hot, then allowed to "cool" for upto 10hours; this is not a Cold brew ! The company is now aware of this oversight and hopefully corrects this either by delivering cold water for a true cold brew or changes the menu to reflect its true nature; a hot brew that has cooled down.

    8. What is the largest size pour over that can be done?  If it is only a 1 cup size, it is really too much to change out all the stuff for just one cup of coffee.

    9. When brewing for a mug less than 20 oz, or making drip over, can you select the exact amount oz of water you want, if yes, do you need the exact amount of water in the water tank, or you can have a full water tank and it will dispose only the amount of water I choose like the Ninja coffee bar?

    10. This machine has not even been released here in Australia yet 😢😢😢😢😢😢 I wants it now 😠😠😠likely to sell at $400 AUD uuuuurgh 😢😢😢😢

    11. I love me some Seattle Coffee Gear but their fawning they do over Breville is just appalling. A few years ago I went out and bought a Grind Control on their recommendation. Three machines later, I finally gave up and returned it to Bed Bath and Beyond. Breville is the Apple of small appliances, add lots of whizzes and bangs and keep people from seeing the poor quality that hides behind it. I went to pour over and a Behmor Connected in a pinch, haven't looked back since.