Brendon McCullum 170 State Shield Final 2008

Brendon McCullum 170 State Shield Final 2008
    Auckland looking for back-to-back State Shield titles in a repeat of last year's final set Otago 310 to win which Brendon McCullum made short work of blasting his way to a NZ record score of 170.

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    1. I do know cricket. I play it. I watch it. I love cricket. Just because I abreviate my words doesn't mean I can't spell. You're an idiot.

    2. bro mccullum isnt dat gud at test cricket hes an explosive player and just hasnt got da hang of da idea dat u have 2 bat a long time in test cricket come on mccullum is da man at t20 and odis look at his 158 not out in da ipl in a t20 match and dis 170 clip cum on he is the man and also the balck caps rnt crap their just going through a transition atm like every other team does you cnt expect a team to be awsome all the time ppl retire ur an ass just go crawl into a hole and dont dis NZ!!!

    3. You're a muppet ay…. every single video of Brendon McCullum and you bag him.. Just don't say it if you got nothing better to do than post the exact same comment on EVERY single video… Loser.

    4. Poor old McCullum he suffers from short man syndrome.He will be remembered for being the player who promised so much and delivered so little. With such a floored technique any bowler just needs to bowl full and outside off stump and he gets caught behind every time. He has the brain of a goldfish. Its either all guns blazing or out for a small score. God help nz if they need someone to save a test match and defend for half a day ….hed be gone in 2 overs.

    5. lol akmal in no2-3 best keepers u realli are dreaming he cant even catch nor bat. baz is the most destructive of all current keepers in the world now that dhoni's a middle order accummlator

    6. Yes, I was there, he was playing for Auckland against Canterbury that had a lot of NZ reps in their team. It was also at Eden Park but the main ground.

    7. hey u alot u r watched (watching) B.McCullum video hes on his best just talk ab8 his innings ppl..dont bring the shit ab8 other players they r better on their on but no one has the same luck in every game blood!!!

    8. as an aussie i followed gilly for ages, but since retiring id have to say this guy is my favourite keeper/batsman now, hes a machine.

    9. Don't even try to compare Dhoni and McCullum… Nothing taking away from Dhoni but this guys is the next Gilchrist and may prove even better… Whereas Dhoni is good only against Asian teams.

    10. The match was played at Eden Park No.2 (back of stadium). It will no longer exist with the developments of Eden Park for the Rugby World Cup 2011.

    11. but u must put into account that dhoni is not a top order player hes a middle order player unlike mccullum who is and opener of a high class and can destroy any bowling line up at will against the new ball

    12. Thanks for posting.
      Brendon's been an amazing hitter for a while now. Good for him for finally getting more recognition.

    13. A shame there was such a tiny crowd, looks like they could have turned up togtether in a single Those at home missed something special.