Be Better Vs KenWavey "The Golf Dab" Insult

Be Better Vs KenWavey "
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    Didn't play great this day, shot 2 over 38
    A note about the end of the video. I was not happy about that. So we made a new bet over the final 2 holes, that will be up in a few days.
    Kenny is a great guy, very funny.
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    1. If you dont want to be Dabbed on, WIN! Set up a Re-Match and just WIN, that will cancel out the Dab. Good Match but dont be so sensitive, you say some smart comments during your narration also.

    2. Good stuff, but you need to keep your right elbow close to your lats in your backswing. You'll gain more control in your iron shots. Too unpredictable at the moment. Cheers.

    3. Good match guys. I don't know if it's a known issue with that driver, but there shouldn't be any reason why he isn't hitting longer. One observation I made is that on his driver swing, his follow through looks a little bit restricted. Almost like he's a little too wide stanced, so it looked to me, like his follow through was a bit restricted and unable to get the proper rotation he needed. That's just what I think. I'm not a teacher or a good player, just my opinion.

    4. Do you think the rolling inside takeaway creates length and timing issues on the chipping? Seems like a struggle for many golfers. Can make it work in the full swing, little more difficult on a chip shot? Thoughts?

    5. Wow, that first 8 iron was sweet; probably the best swing I've seen in your vlogs. Even though you missed a GIR you can't be disappointed with a pure'd, 170 yard 8 iron!

    6. i think you lift the club up to fast and steep on your greenside chips.  go back low and slow and you will get better crispy spin, improved touch.  otherwise great video as usual. thanks!

    7. I started playing golf after playing college football. Fell in love with the game. I have always been able to bomb it but wedge game (chipping pitching etc) killed me. I'd drill one 335-350 then skull it or fat the shit out of it. I've bought 30 different kind of wedges, but nothing worked. Hinge and hold, I tried Montys method of right hand release, Zach Johnson method. Nothing worked long term. Bro, I found it. Email me at Don't worry I'm not going to try to sell you anything or send you naked pictures of my junk. I'm a golf junkie and I watch nothing but YouTube videos of my favorite hobbies when I'm home. I got all my bros doing it and it's working like a champ.

    8. Thanks for taking the time to video your rounds. I appreciate that you were in a match with Ken but you had Andrew with you. Even if he is not part of the game you should show his play. I always learn something from that guy when I am on the course with him…great swing to watch! Nice job.

    9. Just did something you should check out and could maybe do a feature on. Played 18 holes (back 9 at Lakewood twice) in about 80 min starting at 5:45am with Garlin Smith and the guys from It was $20 and the GM of Lakewood loves the group and would love to see it grow. We are done with 9 before the early birds regular speed players who teed off on 1 make it to the back 9 so we go again.

      You play ready golf in groups of 3 or 4 and jog between shots, putt with the stick in and take lateral 1 stroke penalty on out of bounds or water shots. I had 10,400 steps on my FitBit and was done by 7:05am and got tons of interval cardio in.