Artist Creates Toast Art Every Morning To Stay Creative During The Quarantine (16 Pics)

The ongoing COVID-19 lockdown has drastically changed our daily routines. While most people find it hard to cope with self-isolation, one artist decided to use this extra time to spend her mornings creatively. Japanese artist Manami Sasaki, also known as sasamana1204 to her 11.9k Instagram followers, creates art on slices of toast while working from home during the lockdown.

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#1 Hanafuda

Ingredients: sliced bread, sour cream, whitebait, blue seaweed, grilled seaweed, pollock roe, cherry tomato.

Image credits: sasamana1204

#2 Dick Bruna “Miffy”

Ingredients: sliced bread, tarako mayo, sour cream, seaweed, cheddar cheese.

Image credits: sasamana1204

For Manami Sasaki, the making of toast is the time to slow down and be creative in the midst of these chaotic times. Every morning, she sits down and uses bread as her canvas to create quite unusual but incredible food art. Her “Stay Home” series, which she started during the quarantine period, features different themes, varying from famous artworks such as Ikko Tanaka’s “The 200th Anniversary Of Sharaku” to zen Japanese rock gardens.

#3 Nihon Buyō

Ingredients: sliced bread, sour cream, seaweed, tomato, basil, paprika, purple cabbage, ketchup.

Image credits: sasamana1204

#4 Sakura

Ingredients: sliced bread, blueberry jam, chocolate.

Image credits: sasamana1204

The artist takes inspiration from Japanese traditions so it’s natural that some of the artworks show traditional Japanese rock gardens, anime characters, Japanese paintings, and even Japanese dances. For her creations, she uses a variety of ingredients that mostly can be found in any Japanese kitchen—seaweed, tomatoes, sour cream, nuts, and fish. Well, except only the edible gold leaf. 

#5 Gegege No Kitarō

Ingredients: sliced bread, margarine, grilled seaweed.

Image credits: sasamana1204

#6 Moon

Ingredients: sliced bread, squid.

Image credits: sasamana1204

“No one, in particular, referred to the toast art. I was put on telecommuting because of Corona. I started doing toast art to get up early in the morning instead of slacking off. It’s a delicious breakfast. I create toast art on my favorite themes,” the artist told Bored Panda about how her idea was born.

#7 Sei Shōnagon

Ingredients: sliced bread, sour cream, dried bonito flakes, squid, sprinkle with salmon, cheese, purple cabbage, shrimp, whitebait, and blue seaweed.

Image credits: sasamana1204

#8 Franco Grignani “Today’s Italian Publicity And Graphic Design”

Ingredients: sliced bread, sour cream, black pepper, ketchup.

Image credits: sasamana1204

When Sasaki is not making her incredible toast art, she creates amazing watercolor illustrations, which you can find on the artist’s website and her Instagram. It seems like her creativity has no boundaries! Who knows what she’ll prepare for us in the future?

#9 Japanese Rock Garden

Ingredients: sliced bread, sour cream, nuts, matcha.

Image credits: sasamana1204

#10 Ikko Tanaka “The 200th Anniversary Of Sharaku”

Ingredients: sliced bread, cinnamon, margarine, sour cream, chocolate, kiwi, cherries, blueberry jam.

Image credits: sasamana1204

#11 Jasmine

Ingredients: sliced bread, tomato sauce, margarine, mint, mustard.

Image credits: sasamana1204

#12 Kintsugi

Ingredients: sliced bread, sour cream, edible gold leaf, ketchup.

Image credits: sasamana1204

#13 Paul Rand “The Art Directors Club Poster”

Ingredients: sliced bread, seaweed, petit tomatoes, cheese, basil, purple cabbage, rice, sour cream.

Image credits: sasamana1204

#14 Paul Rand “Eye Bee M”

Ingredients: sliced bread, paprika, macadamia nuts, grilled seaweed, sausage, cheese, watercress, purple cabbage, and rice.

Image credits: sasamana1204

#15 Bruno Munari “Tutto Quadro”

Ingredients: sliced bread, cherry tomato, basil, seaweed, sour cream.

Image credits: sasamana1204

#16 Pantone

Ingredients: sliced bread, avocado dip, sour cream, grilled seaweed.

Image credits: sasamana1204

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