September 28th, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. WBO Super Middleweight world champion Arthur Abraham 40-4 (28 KO's) faced off against challenger Paul Smith 35-3 (20 KO's), from Liverpool England, in a voluntary defense. Watch my post fight review video here (not the full fight video), how did you see the fight? Don't forget to subscribe!!

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    1. Hatman check out Arthur Beterbiev vs Tavoris Cloud. This Beterbiev looks an absolute animal with big punching power. He had only 5 fights (all by KO) and beat an opponent of Cloud's quality in his sixth fight! He knocked Cloud down 4 times in 2 rounds and stopped him. He also has a win over Kovalev in the amateurs. A person I will be definitely keeping my eye on.

    2. If the fight scoring was solely based on flush connecting shots,  what do you reckon the scorecards / percentage should then be ?    I'm guessing that in the judges' eyes,  harder work / higher workrate  that bore little to no damaging fruit was deemed not significant enough to win Smith a round.

    3. Score cards were a joke but Abraham doesn't impress me. I genuinely believe Groves would take him. As you've eluded to in the past Frank Warren for all his faults may have got Smith that shot on English soil which would have given him far more chance of success.

    4. 119-109 lol. . that judge should be investigated. These fighters work so hard man while these judges cant do their jobs correctly smh
      And I'm not saying it's a robbery, I just the scorecard is too wide

    5. Abraham is the champion, that means that Smith has to do more than Abrham in order to win the rounds. Doing just as much is not going to cut it. Many rounds were very competitive and close, but I had to give them to Abraham. He made the imperession that he dominated most of the fight. Smith threw a lot of shots but it was Abrahams landing the big shots. Abraham set the past and controlled the fight and was verry succesfull with his jab. Thats just my opinion.

    6. I scored this fight 116-113 Abraham
      I gave smith rds 1,2,9 and 10
      I gave Abraham rds 3,4,5,6,8,11 and 12
      round 7 even

      The official scoring were very poor. All of the judges needs to be sacked with immediate effect.

      Smith gave a good performance but should have focused more on body shots because everytime he hit him to the body Abraham felt the shot.

    7. u man don't think that it was dick move to fight Abraham in his own country? Despite all the robberies that happened there. No Knockout No victory

    8. Germany is known for those type decisions but not just there. The "hometown" fighters always get the breaks, ask Matthysse. It would be great to have independent judges but it's either the local fighter or the one that is the money maker. Too bad….

    9. The fight wasn't a robbery I scored it 1 point to Smith or a possible draw.  I would not have minded if Abraham had won it by a couple rounds either.  That being said, the judges should be thrown out of boxing. Those cards were terrible and reeks of corruption. To give Paul Smith 1 round in the entire fight is disgusting and the other two were just as bad. Abraham looked terrible and gassed after the 6th round.  I fancy James Degale and George Groves to do a number on Abraham as long as they boxed smartly and stayed away from Abraham's big swinging shots.  I even think Paul Smith would beat him in the rematch if it was in Liverpool.  The old adage that you need to knock the opponent out to get a draw rings so true in Germany it is unreal.

    10. I thought Smith won 9-3 he just out worked Abraham throughout the whole fight but I don't think it's a robbery a lot of those rounds were close. Those judges scores SMH shit is killing boxing

    11. Alot of these situations are born out of conflicted invested interest. The organization responsible for ensuring integrity which in this case was the wbo, they appoint the referee, judges, doctor etc and also pick up at least an 3% cut from the entire purse for their efforts, so the question you have to ask how hunger and how far are the wbo willing to go to turn an larger monetary sum by favoring the money making machine in the contest, well these are the same dudes that sanctioned, made up on the spot out of thin air an wbo fighter of the decade title for an then non title bout between Pacquaio vs Marquez 4 so they could pick up an 3 % cut, it's kinda like  an mortician, an sign I read by one of them read " If you don't die, I can't live…" if there was no corruption in boxing they couldn't exist, at least with as fat as pocket's and with the interest of boxing dwindling over the year's, the need to keep those pocket's fat spawned all those fringe titles for more 3% cuts that are being handed out like blue peter badges, alot of the time the promoters don't have to do nothing illegal, just let the beast feed of the fat of the land but the fans jump on the promoters first 

    12.  I had it 115-113 to AA but I could accept a draw or 115-113 Smith. He has a right to feel aggrieved because those scorecards were appalling but Sky and the Matchroom brigade can suck dick.

      BRITAIN over the last few years has had the worst record in the world for bad decision, the vast majority being on Matchroom cards. They're in no absolutely position to whine, how many fighters have they shafted in recent times. If Smith gets a rematch then fair play, he deserves one. Fuck off with all this "Germany are a disgrace" talk though, glasshouses.

      By the way, Halling and Watt need shooting. Worst commentary I've ever heard, they never fail to outdo themselves. What brand of crack were they smoking calling it a robbery?

    13. The fight wasn't a robbery i did have Abraham winning but the the scorecards were a joke.

      Even Abraham looked embarassed when those cards were read out.