Animals Invade Cities As People Quarantine Themselves At Home (New Pics)

As we’ve seen already, animals seem to be pouring into the city streets as people retreat to their shelters amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. And while at first it was only deer, boars, horses, and sheep taking over the civilized world, now it seems like countless others have joined the cause all around the world. And this time, even dangerous predators like bears, mountain lions, and wild pumas are prowling in the streets.

We reached out to one man who witnessed a gator casually strolling in Myrtle Beach in broad daylight to get a first-hand report of the events. “When I first saw the gator, I didn’t think it was real. I thought somebody was playing a practical joke on me,” Clifford Sosis told Bored Panda. “I like to take dangerous hikes in interesting places with my dog Daisy, hikes where I might be bitten by snakes and gators,” the man explained and also added that recently, his expeditions have grown fewer and fewer since the birth of his son.

Clifford is a philosophy lecturer at Coastal Carolina University who runs a website featuring autobiographical interviews with philosophers.

“On the day I took the gator video, I went to Barefoot Landing because I was trying to avoid danger! Shortly after I took this video, I was watching the gator, and a security guard, the only other person in Barefoot Landing at the time, didn’t see it and almost ran into it,” Sosis revealed. “When I told him to watch his step, he was shocked! He said he thought there were no longer gators in the area.” The man also added that some people on the internet have reported seeing gators in the area as well. “I’ve been living in Myrtle Beach for 6 years and I’ve never seen a gator in Barefoot Landing. Definitely not in the parking lot!” Sosis concluded.

#1 Fox Sleeping On A Tree Stump In The Backyard

Image credits: SaraReneeRyan

#2 Mountain Lions Roaming The Resident Area

Image credits: clicktosave

#3 Harold Hill In Romford, East London

Image credits: Philippe Edmond

#4 A Photo Of A Coyote In San Francisco Taken With A Zoom Lens From Inside The Photographer’s Car

Image credits: Becca Cook

#5 Mountain Goats Spotted In The Welsh Town Of Llandudno

#6 A Video Taken In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Shows A Gator In The Street

#7 A Koala Wanders In A Store Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

#8 Lambs Seen Playing On Children’s Playground Roundabout In Preston

#9 Nilgai Running Around In The Streets Of Noida, India

#10 A Wild Puma Was Captured In The Streets Of Santiago, Chile On March 24, 2020

Image credits: AFP

#11 A Bear Is Seen Walking Around In An Asturian Town In Full Quarantine

#12 Seal Rests By The Urumea River In Spain

#13 Dozens Of Squirrels In A Santa Monica Park

Video credits: TMZ

#14 Wild Turkeys Spotted In West Oakland, California

#15 A Deer Was Spotted Running Around In Chandigarh, India

#16 A Wild Deer, From A Herd Used To Be Fed By The Local Population, Roams In Sri Lanka

Image credits: AFP

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