Airsoft War Last Man Standing At NCIS Edinburgh

Airsoft War Last Man Standing At NCIS Edinburgh
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    The most watched Airsoft on YouTube featuring an M134 minigun, it’s awesome
    The age anyone can play this game depends on the insurance cover that each site has.  Most sites in the UK, USA etc accept players from age 14, though many will also accept players as young as 10.  I would advise that before playing Airsoft at any site, you make sure it has insurance cover for all players.  Always wear eye protection when playing Airsoft, even if you are just playing in your backyard. It is not possible to convert these items to use anything other than little plastic BBs.   Remember always play safe.

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    1. I dont get why adults play this. There are least some guys here older than me. Ive been in the military for 5 years now and most of these kids are running around in ubacs and plate carriers that are for front line troops. I get its a hobby for kids but the adults are taking this a bit extreme. Most of these air soft kids have spent more money on their kit than i have in my entire career lol

    2. I wanted to be silent…but for those busting on the children…These yunguns are having fun..for those in the military thattalk sbout kids plaing in this MILSIM…RUSSIA..GERMANY..JAPAN..etc used children to fight in real wars …so…when these yunguns grow up…and if they join the military…they will have more respect when they get there…let them have fun..

    3. I love watching your videos. I did airsoft a couple years ago but really wanna get back into it. This place as well as section 8 are the places i wanna game at the most but i fear my skill levels arent good enough

    4. When reading the website i found a rule that all under eighteen players need to wear full face protection , the two boys in this video were not wearing full face protection why is this +scoutthedoggie

    5. How I hate electronic guns u just spray it's just booring, when u have gas blow gun and magazine size is exactly same like real gun, it's more difficult and cooler, I think so.

    6. Hey Scout, do you have anything protecting the lens of your camera? Like a piece of clear plastic? Just had my 3rd GoPro break last week but can't find anything decent to protect it with.