After ‘The Most Photographed Dog In Bruges’ Passes Away, People Are Sharing Photos Of Him Throughout The Years

If you’ve ever visited Bruges, a city in Belgium, and walked passed the Côté Canal B&B, chances are that you’ve fallen in love. No, not with a person or the lovely architecture, but with an adorable labrador blissfully napping on the windowsill. And believe me, you’re not the only one. Over the years, a puppy named Fidel who greeted passersby from the window became quite a celebrity.

Recently, a Twitter user named Amy spotted ‘the most famous dog in Bruges’ for the first time

Image credits: greenanorak

People just couldn’t stop photographing the adorable dog resting on a pillow with his feet up in the air.

Image credits: greenanorak

Image credits: greenanorak

One could say he was one of the most amazing sights for visitors taking a boat on the Côté Canal.

Image credits: greenanorak

However, as a viral tweet recently posted by a woman named Amy showed, many outside of Bruges have never heard of Fidel. Yet, they were left in awe of the ridiculously photogenic puppy, too.

Image credits: greenanorak

Then the sad news about Fidel was discovered. In 2016, the famous dog passed away at the age of 12.

Sadly, she realized that Fidel passed away in 2016

Image credits: greenanorak

People were heartbroken that they will no longer be able to witness “the most photographed dog in Bruges” themselves anymore. Nevertheless, Fidel will continue to live through the photographs many people have taken of him. To remember the puppy, people began filling the Twitter thread with the pictures they took of him throughout the years. It’s clear that even after his death, Fidel brings endless joy to both his owners and strangers from all over the world.

After hearing the news, people were prompted to share the photos of Fidel they took through the years

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Image credits: jraward

Image credits: jraward

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Many people reacted by saying how much they loved Fidel

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Others reacted by sharing photos of animals they have spotted

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