99 Times Jerk Cats Stole Dogs’ Beds

So beautiful and gentle they could do no harm—that’s how we’d like to think of cats. And in theory, it’s true. In practice, ehm, not so much. ‘Cause if there’s anything cats are guilty of, it would be their notorious and shameless habit of stealing beds.

You now see why your doggo has been sleeping in a laundry basket lately. Both hilarious and purrfectly evil, Bored Panda compiled a list full of little thieves who got busted playing on canines’ nerves. And yeah, if you’re thinking of getting your puppo a new bed, you may wanna add some courage to the basket too.

After you’re done with this post, take a look at our previous list with 119 cats stealing beds from dogs which is as pawfectly evil.

#1 My Cat Recently Discovered The Dog Bed

Image credits: haysalpj

#2 It’s 7 Degrees Outside And The King Has Claimed His Bed

Image credits: asillyfrog

#3 I Was Able To Capture The Raw Anguish He Felt After Losing His Bed To The Void

Image credits: TrulyDannyDeVito

#4 Cat And Dog Enjoying The New Beds We Just Got Them

Image credits: Bob_Sch

#5 My Cat Really Enjoys My Dog’s New Bed

Image credits: Erpverts

#6 Got The Dogs New Beds. I Should Have Got Them Some Courage

Image credits: Jedi_Q

#7 Bought A Cat Bed The Other Day. Woke Up To This

Image credits: am17y

#8 Yes Yes, Stay There

Image credits: EXYLRH

#9 Poor Pup Tried To Ask Nicely. Too Bad The Cat’s A Jerk

Image credits: painandpets

#10 Technically They Are Sharing, But The Cat Gets The Lion’s Share

Image credits: Violet_Plum_Tea

#11 I Captured My Dog Crying For Help Every Time My Tiny Old Cat Steals Her Bed. She’ll Sleep On The Floor Rather Than Steal It Back

Image credits: Sqweegle

#12 I’m Fine

Image credits: SalazarRED

#13 So Tonight We Have To Sleep On Floor

Image credits: morthenmost

#14 See Below Why Skye Is Looking Sad And Sleeping In Her Toy Basket Today

Image credits: fairygel_catlover

#15 The Dog Wasn’t Too Happy About The New Baby

Image credits: esthersharon

#16 Boots Tried To Steal Poppy’s Bed But Poppy Said Nope

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 Temper-Pedic Dog Bed For Our Large Dog

Image credits: jadler22

#18 Well Was Looking For A Forever Home For This Stray Kitten But The Other Cat Has Spoken, The Dog Also Has No More Bed

Image credits: todontblink

#19 In Case You Were Wondering Who’s In Charge

Image credits: shinefire

#20 Got The Dog A New Bed Today. Not Going Well

Image credits: eatingstringcheese

#21 That Look Of Apathy And Those Looks Of Disdain

Image credits: billyjean94

#22 Why Is He There?

Image credits: W1ncenz0

#23 Always A Gentleman

Image credits: Jaylegend22

#24 Our Cat Stole Our Dog’s Bed. Fear And Confusion Ensued

Image credits: devllen05

#25 “Dad, Do Something”

Image credits: TheKronk

#26 When The Cat Steals Your Bed So You Have To Improvise. It Was Actually Super Comfy And I Didn’t Want To Get Out, Even Though Mum Had Washing To Do

Image credits: deefathedog14

#27 They Took My Bed

Image credits: billibob_90

#28 She Stole His Bed And He Was Too Nervous To Take It Back

Image credits: draconicanimagus

#29 Sad Pupper, Comfy Kitter

Image credits: Naughty_muffins

#30 Such Disrespect

Image credits: ashpr0ulx

#31 A Little Help?

Image credits: Jelsol

#32 The Cat Is The Alpha In This House

Image credits: DobbHeadPlus

#33 We Bought A New Bed For The Dog. Came Back To Find This

Image credits: JGP_Miguel

#34 Help Me Hooman. I Seem To Have Lost My Bed

Image credits: painandpets

#35 “Mum, Help! The Cats Have Taken My Bed” – Elsa

Image credits: elsaewok

#36 Right After I Put Together Her Cot The Cat Claimed It

Image credits: dmurph420

#37 She Stole It Right Out From Under Him And Looks So Smugly Pleased With Herself For It

Image credits: LollyHutzenklutz

#38 Here’s One My Mom Sent Me

Image credits: Brandutchmen

#39 Moved His Bed Into The Office While I’m At Home. Now Occupied By Current House Champion Of “Shuffle Your Feet, Lose Your Seat”

Image credits: SmurfStig

#40 Hopefully My Siblings Will Let Me Use My Bed This Weekend So I Can Relax

Image credits: murph_the_boxer

#41 Cat Stole Our Bed

Image credits: pupsandmorepets

#42 They’re Learning To Share. Although We Often Have To Remind The Pupper That It’s His Bed

Image credits: mandahm

#43 I Know Who Won This Fight

Image credits: yummie4mytummie

#44 Definitely Siblings. “Muuum! He’s In My Bed!”

Image credits: mer_madi

#45 She Is Far Too Sweet To Kick Gandolf Out Of Her Bed

Image credits: highflyinglittlebird

#46 Nope, Not Today

Image credits: BenEatsNails

#47 Does Stolen Dog Houses Qualify?

Image credits: TheSmokingLamp

#48 “Mom, He Stole My Bed”

Image credits: TheHeavyMetalQueen

#49 Came Back From A Walk. Cat Stole Her Bed. He Is Ready To Defend That Heating Pad With His Life

Image credits: Zaboom16

#50 How They “Share” The Dog’s Bed

Image credits: Duckduckandgoose

#51 My Store Kitty Stealing Dog Beds That Haven’t Even Been Purchased Yet

Image credits: zieKen1

#52 Dad… Dad! Do Something

Image credits: Kosalio

#53 You Seeing This??

Image credits: whatsbobgonnado

#54 “Ma, Do Something!” Oh Dear, Mona’s At It Again

Image credits: tiffanydryburgh

#55 But Mommy, She Is In My Bed

Image credits: pawsgotravelling

#56 A**hole Stole The Puppers Box

Image credits: princesscactuscat

#57 Sweet, Gentle Hank. Won’t Even Challenge The Cat For The Only Spot In The House That’s Rightfully His

Image credits: newdartmouthian

#58 My Sweet Lab Is Too Timid To Kick The Cat Off His Mat, So He Just Stares Forlornly At His Rightful Place By The Fire. I Usually Have To Remove The Cat Myself

Image credits: PutinsHorse

#59 Demoralized And Overcome By Adversity

Image credits: WildFourOclock

#60 We Got The Bed For The Dog

Image credits: Littlespartanj

#61 “It’s Happened Again, Dad”

Image credits: Herrben

#62 Somebody Stole Jaxon’s Bed

Image credits: Uncreativeinjune

#63 My Cat Kicks My Poor Boy Out Of His Bed And Into Hers. His Face Says It All

Image credits: Tobiramen1

#64 Bitterest Dogs In The Neighborhood

Image credits: shelbym716

#65 Poor Dog Has His Bed Stolen On A Daily Basis. Luckily He Has Another One And They Sleep Next To Each Other At Night

Image credits: valkyrie.bengal

#66 The Face You Make When The Cat Stole Your Bed

Image credits: meeko_thegsd

#67 Excuse Me Human, There’s Something Wrong Here

Image credits: barney_sable_cockerspaniel

#68 My Cat Doesn’t Give A F**k

Image credits: joannetara

#69 Our Dog Toby Was Not Happy When His Cat-Brother Tom Stole His Bed. Tom Didn’t Care

Image credits: rfbuck

#70 He’s Too Nice To Say No To His New Buddy

Image credits: todontblink

#71 What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Image credits: vinsonhaler7

#72 What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Image credits: milo_the_meezer

#73 My Reaction When Sylvester The Kitty Takes My Bed

Image credits: lifepluspug

#74 It’s Been A Hard Dog’s Night

Image credits: miralangrock

#75 No. No No No No, Nope. This Is Too Much

Image credits: gege_dolcevita

#76 Guess I Should Have Gotten The Dog A Bed Too

Image credits: AloeSC

#77 Bed Thief

Image credits: iggy.smalls_

#78 Poor Pootsie, Never Gets To Sleep In His Own Bed

Image credits: samsational89

#79 Oh Dear, Now She Has Stolen Buddy’s Bed. Next She Will Be Taking Over The World

Image credits: lilali87

#80 One Stolen Bed, One Sad Doggo

Image credits: the_adventures_of_bobbythedog

#81 New Pup And Old Kitty Are Still Working On Getting Along, But She Sure Knows How To Assert Her Dominance

Image credits: jsdlp

#82 Its Okay, Says The Dane, Let The Kitty Sleep

Image credits: MsWillows

#83 So I Bought My Dogs New Beds

Image credits: hushkitty22

#84 2 Out Of 3 Animals Have Agreed That The Dog Cannot Use His Own Bed

Image credits: outdatedopinion

#85 The Cat Stole Her Bed

Image credits: Recordero

#86 First Doug Stole Pancake’s New Bed. Now He’s Taking Over My Cozy Crate. I Must Fight This Injustice, But I’m Kinda Scared Of Him

Image credits: teddy_pretzels

#87 It’s My Bed Now Buddy

Image credits: sukiandthecats

#88 “Uhm, Mom, This Tiny Floof Stole My New Bed”

Image credits: theadventuresofmooseman

#89 One Does Not Simply “Steal” From A Malamute

Image credits: DrSephiroth

#90 Poor Starbuck Doesn’t Know What To Do

Image credits: kashavitia

#91 My Dog Is A Pushover

Image credits: tastyfriend

#92 Poor Mayzie

Image credits: galeh9

#93 Old Story: Cat Stealing Dog Bed

Image credits: papiarizwan

#94 Love These Two. Tigger Is Such A Little Bully

Image credits: nadiiac1994

#95 She’s Done It Again

Image credits: checkmevids

#96 Clearly Our Newly Acquired Cat Summer Has Asserted Her Place In The Pack

Image credits: j_shine85

#97 When The Cat Claims Her Bed

Image credits: LtWeirdBeard

#98 Bought My Dog A New Dog Bed Today. Already Been Kicked Off By The Cat Within 20 Minutes

Image credits: lauracard12

#99 Sure Cat This Bed Is For You

Image credits: Spidey0062

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