94 Funny Signs People Made To Share Their Quarantine Experiences

Trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus, many governments across the globe are imposing strict quarantine regulations. However, sitting within your four walls 24/7 can take a toll on any of us.

So, to let everyone know we’re in this together and relieve the tension during these difficult times, some people have been making funny signs to describe their everyday reality of living in isolation. From birthday announcements to shopping requests, Bored Panda has collected some of the most amusing quarantine signs, showing that the pandemic hasn’t destroyed our spirits yet.

#1 She Held Up A Sign In Her Window Saying She Needs More Beer, And Before Long She Was Suprised With 150 Cans Of Her Favorite Ale

Image credits: darrenrovell

#2 Strict Dad

Image credits: Joy-Chris Martin

#3 The Sign At The Pizza Place I Go To

Image credits: matt_CHRIST3NS3N

#4 Spotted This In My City

Image credits: DiscordDonut

#5 He’s Got A Point

Image credits: MilkyChast

#6 The Joys Of Working From Home

Image credits: 4musing_User_Name

#7 My Local Shop Putting Up Signs Of 2011 Memes Due To The Lack Of Toiletpaper

Image credits: BrohemianWrapsody

#8 Advice From God

Image credits: Dreamba

#9 My Sister Sent Me A Picture Of My Newborn Niece For My Birthday, Since I Haven’t Been Able To Meet Her Yet

Image credits: mags387

#10 Columbus, Oh

Image credits: dangwha

#11 My Parents Wouldn’t Let Me In… Something About “Not Being On This List”

Image credits: AZGraybill12

#12 Poor Kid…

Image credits: yourpantsaretoobig

#13 If You Have To Work, You Might As Well Enjoy It

Image credits: captaincaaveman

#14 Gentlemen’s Club In My Hometown For The Covid Sign Win

Image credits: jugbandfrog

#15 My Neighbors Front Lawn Dad Joke

Image credits: MistressDrey

#16 In The Spirit Of The Quarantine Season, I Decided To Have A Little Fun With My Pressure Washer

Image credits: redwolf1017

#17 Message From God

Image credits: tglnyc

#18 Quarantine Is Going Well In My Neighborhood

Image credits: furrygreencurry

#19 Free Cure

Image credits: Rksta8

#20 Was Driving Around With The Wife And Kid When We Saw This

Image credits: sublimeaces

#21 Possibly The Best Sign Ever Posted In My Neighborhood

Image credits: drbaseband

#22 While Updating A Bathroom, I Left A Surprise Under The Floor For The Next Remodeler

Image credits: aarontminded

#23 My Neighbors Front Lawn Dad Joke

Image credits: JulesGirth

#24 Days Since Pants

Image credits: hoosiernamechecksout

#25 We Are Living In An Unforeseen Circumstance

Image credits: BlueWoof

#26 Truth!

Image credits: tinrinca

#27 My Township Has Some Funny Business Owners

Image credits: jgibs2850

#28 Anyone, No?

Image credits: chaosphile

#29 She Has Proper Social Distancing

Image credits: AngryCrow91

#30 My Town’s Example Distances For Social Distancing

Image credits: blinker1eighty2

#31 Sun Ray Keeping It Real

Image credits: cheesemoose

#32 Local Strip Club Is Finally Clothed

Image credits: DLove19

#33 Just Stop

Image credits: dudewithsign

#34 Not Bad, Not Bad

Image credits: winklereli

#35 State Sign On 309 North Just North Of Tamaqua PA

Image credits: chaosphile

#36 This Is A Place Called Chipmunks On Diversey And Pine Grove (Near Sheridan)

Image credits: CraycraftBrett

#37 I Fixed My Welcome Sign

Image credits: kacydev

#38 My Local Independent Theatre Has A Good Sense Of Humor

Image credits: jackedandtan16

#39 Saw This Today. “This Is Fine”

Image credits: disposableduetoshame

#40 Keep Your Distance

Image credits: Dutchie_86

#41 Stayin’ Alive

Image credits: KarenKnoeb

#42 I Deliver Packages For Amazon. This Is By Far The Best Door/Delivery Poll I Have Seen. Btw, Keep The Polls Coming, They Are Great! I Voted Creed FWIW, Because If I Can’t Scuba, Then What’s This Been About?

Image credits: drummachine621

#43 The Church In My Town Makes Me Laugh On A Weekly Basis

Image credits: kjpoyner

#44 Love The Sense Of Humor Of This Sign Owner

Image credits: djak

#45 Saw This On My Walk Today

Image credits: countryroots

#46 When Canada Meets Coronavirus

Image credits: penapox

#47 Couldn’t Have Seen That Coming

Image credits: mike5322

#48 I Saw This At My Local CVS

Image credits: BaconPancake62

#49 Brother-In-Law’s Neighbor

Image credits: nvflip

#50 My Family Had Some Fun With Post-It Notes To Entertain People Who Pass By

Image credits: opie81280

#51 Saw This At The Dog Veterinarian Today

Image credits: steenlys

#52 Liquor Store In Arkansas Has Jokes

Image credits: mikefromtheclub

#53 “Essential”

Image credits: marvelousmondays

#54 Social Distancing Drinking Games In The Wild

Image credits: Alaskan_Lost

#55 Lebanon Maine, Yessah

Image credits: jimmyb207

#56 How I Beat The Quarantine Birthday Blues Today

Image credits: veraliis

#57 Pizza Place In My Town Is Known For Being Stoners, This Was Their Sign Today

Image credits: ComplexToxin

#58 Sign In New York. Can’t Wait To Go Back One Day. Telling People Like It Is

Image credits: PolisSquad01

#59 How Am I Driving?

Image credits: dogismywitness

#60 Welcome To Canada

Image credits: tractornucleareactor

#61 My Neighbors Front Lawn Dad Joke

Image credits: JulesGirth

#62 Local Vet Keeping It Fresh

Image credits: Dmed24

#63 Day 7

Image credits: posterstock

#64 Travel Plans

Image credits: VeryVino20

#65 Keep Yours At Home

Image credits: seeyabeU

#66 The Casino In My Area Recently Closed For COVID-19. This Is Their Sign

Image credits: Fr3shBread

#67 Good To See The Sign Person Still Has A Job

Image credits: Donnydean

#68 Chicago Is Done With This. Started A Countdown To 2021

Image credits: Trimtramtron

#69 It’s Official, Kangaroos Are A Metric

Image credits: critrolefan

#70 Saw This At A High School Near Me

Image credits: Musichead2468

#71 Social Gathering At St. Kilda Beach Today

Image credits: leighhenningham

#72 Covid-19 Cautions

Image credits: freakfree

#73 My Local Theater Has A Sense Of Humor

Image credits: AngelBear2010

#74 This Sign Outside Of A Walmart Telling You What Is In Stock

Image credits: HelpMeGameYT

#75 My Neighbors Front Lawn Dad Joke

Image credits: JulesGirth

#76 My Hometown Knows How To Quarantine

Image credits: mumblewrapper

#77 This Sign On A Furniture Store Window

Image credits: puppyluvr321

#78 Company Health And Safety Not Holding Back

Image credits: 50ShadesOfPalmBay

#79 Friend Who’s A Nurse Got His Shoes Stolen Off His Porch. Bad Pair To Take

Image credits: FieldMarshal_VonDerp

#80 I Spotted This Sign Today

Image credits: the_conradical

#81 Rolls Since Quarantine

Image credits: BoomFoxxy

#82 My Pandemic Daily Planner

Image credits: JoeBeanLP

#83 Sign Outside A Baseball Training Center That’s Still Offering Virtual Lessons During The Covid-19 Shutdown

Image credits: M116rs

#84 This Store’s Hiring Sign Has Never Been More Relevant

Image credits: itzxswbod

#85 No Breathing

Image credits: Sailorman53

#86 A House In My Hometown Is Making Good Use Of Their Quarantine Time

Image credits: CoffeeBlack19

#87 A Breath Of Fresh Air In These Crazy Times. See At The McDonald’s Drive Thru This Morning

Image credits: JonathanSafa

#88 No Gloves

Image credits: geniusgza1

#89 McDonald’s Is Expanding The Menu In These Tough Times

Image credits: HaystaxCallhoun

#90 Exception

Image credits: sarahbim8

#91 A Thrift Store In My Town

Image credits: dunicha

#92 Local Cleaning Service Always Has Fun Signs For Us To Read

Image credits: BELO-

#93 Even The Mailbox Should Be Social Distancing

Image credits: link229

#94 On My Way To Work

Image credits: w00tersauce

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